Slim Your Inner Thighs With Our 5-Minute Workout

Working your inner thighs is just as important as working your core and upper body. Inner thigh workouts can actually help you improve your core strength since your legs act as support for your entire core and upper body. Without leg strength the rest of your body isn’t able to grow as strong as it can, so think about inner thigh workouts as essential foundation exercises for the rest of your body.

Along with the physical benefits, working your inner thighs will also give you toned, sculpted legs, and who doesn’t want that? Especially if you love wearing leg-baring styles, be it shorts, miniskirts, or dresses, inner thigh workouts are sure to make your legs look incredible. Work these routine into your gym sessions or even do them when you have 5 minutes to kill at home. You’ll blast inner thigh fat and slim down your legs so they’re toned as can be!

1.Gate Swing With Cross

You need to get in the starting position,feet wider, shoulder-width apart. The toes are pointed out to the side.Do the squat byjumping on the feet together, crossing the legs, leftin front of the right, and otherwise. Jump up and squatdown, crossing the right leg in front of the left. Repeatthis exercisefor 30 seconds.

2.Side Lunge

The starting position is with the feet together. Then, you should take a wide step to the side with the right foot. Do the squat into the left heel. The left leg is standingstraight. Jump one step to the side with the right foot in. Get back and jump to the side with the other. Do the squat. Get back to your starting position. Repeat the movements for 30 seconds.

3.Cross Jacks

This exercise representsa variation of traditional jumping jacks. You need to jump with the open feet and open arms too, while doing constantly crossovers of theleft foot in front of the right and the left arm over the right. First, jump and open the feet and arms wide. Bring them together in the center. Jump and cross the right foot in front of the left, right arm over the left.Repeat this jumping for 30 seconds.

4.Plié Squat With Overhead Extensions

For this exercise, you need to grab a dumbbell. Now, stand still with the feet wide open and the toes pointed out. Your hands are holding the dumbbells and you should put the mover head. Then, do the squat with arms slightlybend. Lower the dumbbells right behind your head. Straighten your legs and arms. Squeeze and feel the burning in your inner thighs. Continue this exercise for 30 seconds. If you can`t continue with the dumbbells, just leave them aside.

5.Side Step and Squat

Start with your feet together. Take a wide step out to the side with your right leg. Hold it and squat down. Then, straighten the legs and step back in the starting position. Repeat the same move on the left side. Continue to work for 30 seconds.

6.Scissor Kicks

First, you should lie down on your back. Both hands are by your side, palms faced to the floor. Your legs are lifted up with toes pointed out. Try to cross the right leg over the left. Then, again,cross the left over the right, and pulse for two. Keep working for one minute.

7.Bridge With Knees Together

For this exercise, you should get a pillow. Lay on the back with arms by your side, palms facing the floor. The knees should be bent slightly and the feet on the floor. Put the pillow between your knees. Squeeze the knees together and start to lift up and down your knees. Now, start lowering the hips to the floor, while you are opening your knees wide. At the end, try to stretch out the inner thighs with your legs in the Butterfly position. Keep doing the exercise for one minute.

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Written by Rachel Wilson