According to the latest studies, the blood type depends on the chances of someone becoming an alcoholic or gaining an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The blood types are divided into four groups: A, B, AB and O, as well as two rhesus (Rh) factors – plus and minus. The majority of people, about 85 per cent, have a positive rhesus factor, while 15 per cent have a negative.

What is your blood type and rhesus factor? These are the five existing scientific theories about the fact that they affect your general health predisposition:


O blood type people suffer twice as much from mosquito attacks compared to other groups, according to scientists from Japan. Despite this fact, people with this blood type have the least chance of suffering from the most deadly malaria – a disease transmitted by mosquitoes.

2. Good or bad digestion

Bacteria in the intestines and how they affect the quality of life, because poor digestion can impair health. The researchers found that people can generally be divided into three different categories depending on the blood group. This claim is not yet scientifically proven. However, researchers from Finland consider that there is a certain link between blood groups and specific bacterial species that live in the intestines. If they had solid evidence of this, doctors could recommend a certain type of diet depending on the patient’s blood group.

3. The inclination to alcoholism

Some studies of the 70s and 80s of the last century found a weak association of blood group A with the tendency to alcoholism. Other researches, however, have pointed out the antigens to the problem of alcohol addiction. According to them, antigens A can change the reaction of the immune system to intoxication. Additionally, 50 percent of the risk of alcoholism is carried by gene factors.

4. High stress

People with blood type O are most affected by stress, according to the American War Veterans Service. They explain this with the fact that the level of cortisol (stress hormone) is greater in people in this blood group, compared to others.


A Neuropsychobiology journal published a study showing that people with blood type A are most prone to developing such a behavioral disorder, but adding that this theory should be further investigated. Experts from Japan have found a link between that blood group and perseverance and diligence versus fatigue and frustration.

The blood group also affects your relationship with your friendsBlood group A people are great friends who take care of others. They do not know how to express their emotions and often keep them inside. Blood group B people are also good friends and listeners, but they want to put themselves in the first place and express their feelings. People from the blood group AB are good at planning and organizing. The blood group O reveals that you are eager for power and have a competitive edge. In love relationships, people from this blood type agree well with all other groups.