Try this 4-minute workout and lose 600 calories. The workout involves very simple exercises: jumping jacks, squats, pushups and lunges.

The 4-minute workout is created by fitness coach Jim Saret. Saret hopes to encourage people to lose some weight and stay fit without stressing and going to the gym.

“With these exercises you will burn 600 calories in 4 minutes, guaranteed.“, said Saret, in his interview for the ANC program “Headstart“.

“While this workout is ideal to be done in 4 minutes, still depends on a person`s fitness level“, said Saret. He also noted that first-timers may spend 2 minutes doing one exercise.

“If you are in good condition, you can finish the workout in 2 minutes, so go and repeat the exercises until the 4-minute timer is over“, said Saret. “For those who try this for the first time, you may do only one exercise in two minutes. But stay motivated and you will eventually see some progress.“


Jumping Jacks

Start the workout by doing ten reps of jumping jacks. Jump with open legs and arms, and close when you are on the ground.


Continue with ten reps of squats. Stand upright with extended arms. Be sure your feet are in the same line with your shoulders. Start doing the squats, feeling the pressure on the hips, not on your knees.

“Squats are the one of the biggest fat-burning exercises“, he said.


Proceed with ten pushups. For first-timers or if you are not able to do decent pushups on the floor, use the wall.


The workout ends with lunges, ten reps for each leg. Make a step forward with one leg, and kneel with other.

You can repeat the workout with 1 minute rest between the rounds to complete the full 20-minute workout, to achieve better results.

For those who hate doing pushups and lunges, Saret has and advice: “The ones you hate are the ones that are actually going to work.“

Now, do you have 4 minutes a day?

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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