In 3 Days Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently, No Shave No Wax, Removal Facial & Body Hair Permanently

Today I will share an amazing unwanted hair removal treatment with which you can remove facial and body hair permanently. This method is easy, effective and natural.

Ingredients You Will Need

2 tablespoons of Johnson’s baby oil
2 tablespoons of alum powder

1. First take some alum and grind it to make fine powder. Now in a bowl take 2 tablespoons of alum powder and 2 tablespoons of Johnson’s baby oil. Mix them well to combine both the ingredients well. And your hair removal remedy is now ready.

2. Apply this on your face and the affected areas where you do not want hair. Leave it for good 20- 25 minutes to let it dry.

See What Hairstyle Is The Best For You According To Your Face Shape

Today we’re going to show you what haircut suits your face best. Continue reading below:

Oval face
The oval face shape should never have straight and long hair. This hairstyle is boring for this type of face. The oval shaped face works best with a curly or layered haircut.

Round face
The best haircut for a round face is shoulder-length hair as it will highlight your cheekbones. Wavy or curly hair will suit a round face well, although they need to be layered so you can get a round shape that will contrast the roundness of the face.

Heart-shaped face

People with heart-shaped face can experiment with hairstyles.

How to Use Baking Soda for Blackheads?

Blackheads are honestly not a splendor spot absolutely everyone would want! They’re fashioned of dead pores and skin cells and oil (or sebum) secreted by way of the sebaceous gland in the pores of the hair follicle. They make your pores and skin seem dull, patchy and ugly. Besides other chemical treatments that can be without difficulty availed at your nearby salon, little DIY hints can be tried at to ward off blackheads. Baking soda, additionally recognized as sodium bicarbonate works as an exfoliating agent for the skin. Containing zero harsh chemicals, it works as a fine cleanser leaving the skin smooth and smooth.

Apply Baking Soda Under Your Eyes… 5 Minutes Latter… You Will Be Amazed!

We are all knowledgeable about the health and beauty advantages of baking soda. In this short article we will show you the best ways to prepare an incredible homemade face mask, that will leave your face tidy, acne free, smooth and softer that ever.

Some of the health and charm benefits of baking soda:

Sodium bicarbonate is incredible against acne and pimples. It extracts any infection and help loosening skin around blackheads, so you can extract them easily.

It functions as a natural antibiotic, and erases acne scars and promotes the recovery procedure of skin susceptible to acne.

Baking soda is among the best options for pores. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and opens up pores.

Ladies, This HOMEMADE Shampoo Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy (All Your Friends Will Be Jealous of Your Shine and Volume!)

Tired of the chemicals in shampoos ruining your hair? Try this shampoo made with baking soda for better hair growth and better quality hair.If you believe in the power of beauty care products made of natural ingredients, if you are tired of using chemical based hair products, you need this recipe of one of the best homemade shampoos people swear by. Trust us when we say it, you will never have a bad hair day in your life again.You might not like the non-foamy quality of this shampoo at first, but wait until you see the results.

I Lost 146 Pounds In 6 Months, This Old Grandmas 2 Ingredient Drink Really Works Miracle For Weight Loss!!!

Everyone desires a slim and match searching body. But no longer eating healthful meals and now not getting time to maintain fitness had shattered desires of many. Luckily, there are some foods and dietary supplements available, which can cut your fat and help you in attaining the goal of a slim body.
I am telling you about a high-quality powder which will reduce your belly and hips fat. You have to use this powder frequently to get slim.
That extremely good powder is Baking Soda. Baking soda has terrific alkalizing powers and it helps in appropriate digestion of food. It will forestall to clogging of food particles and cease fats deposition.

What She Spreads On Her Skin, Everyone Has It At Home, But Nobody Uses It!

The first thing we have in mind when we get up in the morning is the coffee.


he constant exposure to chemicals and pollution from the air is significantly reducing the quality of our skin, and the unhealthy lifestyle we all lead is often the main reason for wrinkles, acne, blackheads and clogged pores which can make your face look unpleasant.Usually, women resort to expensive treatments or store-bought products to resolve any of these skin problems. However, the problem with these products is that they often contain a variety of chemicals which can harm your skin and cause further problems. The facial skin is pretty delicate and should be treated with mild remedies which won’t alter its pH value or harm its quality.


Hair loss and thinning hair is a predominant problem these days thanks to stressful lives, pollution, unhygienic prerequisites and lack of hair care. Hair loss or stunted hair growth can also be an end result of genes. Cinnamon is a spice used in many cuisines. Yes, it’s very advisable due to a variety of residences and that is why it is used in many beauty and health treatments.
Just as it does nicely for skin, it beautifies your hair too and receives you rid of any hair and skin issues. It stimulates hair growth, eradicates dandruff, strengthens hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.

10 Home Remedies To Get Beautiful Skin Naturally

Who doesn’t love silky smooth skin like our favourite magazine models and Bollywood stars?
But first of all, with our busy scheduled lifestyle there is hardly any time to go to the parlour and the huge amount of money it takes for an overall skin treatment, it is not possible always.
So why don’t we try and do something at home? Our refrigerators and kitchen cabinets have such a lot of useful things to offer us. Why don’t we turn our home into our own personal parlour?
Our skin plays a very important role in enhancing our beauty.


Skin is the mirror to our personality and health. Hence healthy, young and fresh skin represents a lot about anyone. No one would like to have wrinkled and sagging dull skin even if you are in an age group where it’s something considered as normal. However, looking young is not a piece of cake and we had to work a lot and take utmost care to look at least the same as our biological age. Whatever the reason might be of looking overage but we try our best to hide those aging signs. Skin is the most prune part of the body to be affected very early with these symptoms and it’s very difficult to hide it.

Amazing Recipe To Stop Your Hands From Revealing Your Age!

Growing old is part of the natural cycle, so there’s nothing unusual about it, and we all go through this process in life. The first signs that show we are growing old, appear on our skin, so our body starts changing and transforming. The first things we start noticing are the lines around our eyes, enlarged pores and age spots on our face, neck and cleavage.

Since we don’t pay much attention to our hands, they can also suffer from the inevitable aging process. The reason why our hands age even faster, is that we use them much more than any other parts of the body.

It Removed My Dark Spots and Made my Skin Clearer

If you want to make your skin healthy and younger and at the same time to remove the dark spots you should use the powerful combination of pomegranate juice, lemon juice, potato juice and ice cubes. Ice cubes filled with potato juice, lemon juice and pomegranate juice make awesome mix for rejuvenating your skin and are very effective in removing your dark spots fast.
Lemon has natural skin lightening homes which will lighten up and lighten your skin, potato juice works against stubborn dark acne areas.
Get the following ingredients:

1 no. s ice tray;
1 no.

Remove Facial Hair Easily With This Natural Remedy

Forget plucking hair from your face, we are providing the best homemade remedy to get rid of the unwanted hair once and for all.

Here is how to prepare natural hair removal using only baking soda and turmeric. Your hair will be gone permanently in just 5 minutes.


2 tsp. of baking soda
1 tsp. of organic turmeric powder

Some water


In a small bowl, add the baking soda and turmeric powder. Add a small amount of water, and mix everything well until it becomes a paste.

How to use it:

Apply the mixture directly to the areas affected with unwanted hair. Leave it on to dry on your skin.


Sometimes it may seem that the age of fancy etiquette rules has passed a long time ago. We do not live within Victorian society anymore, do we? This is true but etiquette is still important, however, there are not as many rules as there have been before. Everything is simplified these days, like it or not.
To cut a long story short, we are going to talk about 24 etiquette rules that every self-respecting lady is bound to know. To tell you the truth there is nothing complex about memorizing them, in fact you may know most of them.

Thin To Thick Hair Magic, Grow Your Hair Fast Overnight With 1 Ingredient

Most women are dreaming of beautiful, long and thick hair, but to achieve this it will take time and effort, as well as patience for waiting.
In average, the hair grows half an inch every month. This is conditioned by many different factors like genetics, health, or well-being of the individual.
It is possible to accelerate hair growth if your hair is healthy. For this you need a balanced diet and proper hair care.

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