When we are in the toilet, our phone is our main source of fun.

We are all taking the phone, but in case you forget you will probably read the labels on the shampoo and the detergents.
In this article we are going to present you that when you are in the toilet with your phone you are exposing you on gaining some E. Coli, salmonella and other dangerous bacteria.

One hygiene expert, Lisa Ackerley tells us that once you will wipe your intimate parts, you will catch your phone and immediately you will transport bacteria on your phone.

So, after, when you will go to wash your hands it will be without a sense. You already have bacteria from the waste on your phone, which you will touch it after washing your hands.

The Right Thing To Do

The doctors from University told us the best advice.
In order to eliminate the transfer of bacteria, you shouldn’t take the pone with you.

But, if it is inevitable, leave your phone further from you. In case it is some small place far away from you, there shouldn’t be any kind of problem. Because right after the wipe, you can go and wash the hands, without touching the phone.

But, also in case the toilet is a small place in small office, it is okay. Because small number of people will visit it. In contrary, for example if we take Hospital, we have a lot of viruses, bacteria and it is very dangerous.

The bacteria cannot only be transferred hand on hand.
You will need to move the toothbrush, more than 6 feet from the toilet seat. The reason for this is that the bacteria is able to fly in the air for 6 feet. So, immediately move the toothbrush in case you don’t want to put the bacteria in your mouth.

Also, if you transfer some bacteria on the phone, it can be multiplied, because of the environment which the phone constructs.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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