Oncologists Urge You To Stop Eating These 8 Foods That Cause Cancer

The illness called cancer is one of those intricate group of diseases that consist of several causes. A few of the known ones include genetics, exposure to various chemicals, infections, diet, as well as lifestyle choices like the use of tobacco, radiation, physical activity and so on. How many of your daily routines can affect your chance of contracting cancer? It’s for sure that it is more than you assume. Very little or no physical activity as well as a poor diet are some of the factors that will increase the chances of a person contracting cancer. But there is as well something that you can do about it, for example making healthy choices such as exercising regularly, ingest plant-based foods and quitting smoking. Around 20% of the cancers diagnosed in the United States are correlated to physical inactivity, poor nutrition and excessive alcohol consumption. However, all of these things can be prevented by doing the right choices.

Processed Meat

Studies done at the University of Hawaii have shown that the ingestion of some processed meats can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by a so large 67%. Examples of these meats include hot dogs, bologna, pimento loaves, sausages and bacon. The preservatives and the nitrates that are contained in these meats that are used to improve their taste are also known to contain elements that cause cancer. Smoked meats are unhealthy in particular, knowing that the smoking process causes the meat to absorb tar. You should try to consume more lean meats and prepare the meals on your own.

Artificial sweeteners and refined sugars

A fact that is known is that apart from increasing your insulin levels through the roof, refined sugars provide a suitable environment for cancerous cells to grow and reproduce. This was firstly discovered in 1931 by a German Nobel laureate in medicine, the so-called Otto Warburg. He has highlighted the fact that they depend on certain sugars like high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) that fuels the growth and reproduction processes. It’s suggested that you look for safe alternatives like blackstrap molasses, maple syrup, stevia, honey and jiggery to help sweeten your food.

Smoked and pickled foods

Generally, these types of food usually contain in them a lot of preservatives and nitrates that help extend their shelf life. Over time these chemicals build up in your body and do a damage on a molecular level and develop into many diseases, one of them cancer. You should try to avoid these types of food, especially knowing that cooking smoked foods under high temperatures convert the simple nitrates into more dangerous ones.

Farmed fish

This basically means raising many types of fish (like salmon) on a commercial scale in a crowded place. Farming operation is responsible for more than 50% of the salmon ingested in the United States and moreover, these fish are treated with many different chemicals that cause cancer, antibiotics and pesticides in an effort to control outbreaks that can happen from having so many fish in a very crowded space. Additionally, fish that are raised in this conditions do not have as many Omega-3 acids in comparison to wild salmon.

Potato chips

This one is a very popular food on a global level, but many of us don’t know that these chips are cooked in hydrogenated vegetable oil, and then they are heavily salted. According to a study that was later published in the New England Journal of Medicine, having just an ounce of potato chips on a daily basis can lead to an average weight gain of 2 pounds per year. The trans-fats contained in potato chips are responsible for the high cholesterol levels in many people, and it shall not be forgotten about the high sodium content that can lead to hypertension. In addition to this, when these chips are cooked in high temperature, they produce a carcinogen that is also found in cigarettes called acrylamide. Thus, if you love potato chips, try to make them at home by using healthy oils.

Hydrogenated oil

This type of oil is man-made and it has been developed in a way to have an extensive shelf life. Many people use this type of oil very often, as you may know it as trans-fats. Chemicals are also added to the oil to improve the taste and mask the smell. According to one study, the food that contains traces of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils can double the chances of contracting breast cancer. Palm oil, extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are all a healthy alternative.

Refined white flour

this flour has no nutritional value whatsoever, based on the fact that the refining process removes all the nutrients. This process involves in itself bleaching it with chlorine gas, and therefore, it looks more attractive to potential buyers. The flour generally is able to boost insulin levels without supplying the body with any nutrients. The body converts carbohydrates into sugars in a natural way. So, products with an excessive amount of white flour can unfortunately cause the body to build a resistance to insulin. Trying healthier options such as almond flour, barley flour, whole wheat or quinoa flour can definitely better your diet.

Microwave popcorn

popcorn is a very healthy snack but as it relates to the container, that’s an entirely different story. A chemical toxin known as Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA is often used to line the bags and it is proven that it boosts the chances of getting a cancer of the kidneys, bladder, lymph nodes and breasts.

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Written by Rachel Wilson


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