Easy Steps To Keep Your Vagina Healthy And Young

Your s3xual organs are very valuable and MUST be well cared for.

As a woman, keeping your vagina healthy and sweet is important. Here are 7 simple tips to help you do that.

Just as your face starts sagging, so your lady parts will inevitably age over time. One critical difference: There are a million products to help keep your face looking supple, but your vagina is kind of left to fend for itself.

“Gynecologists don’t tell women these things are going to happen, and then women come in shocked that their vagina and vulva have completely changed over the course of a couple years,” says Karen Boyle, M.D., an expert in female s3xual health and vaginal rejuvenation.

A woman facing a vaginal problem is most likely to feel shy to share it with someone and even feels shy in consulting a doctor.

Here are our top seven tips for preserving this important intimate ecosystem for a healthy vagina:

  • Be Wary when Washing

Wash your vagina as often as possible. Vaginal odor is one of the worst problems a woman can face.

To prevent this, wash at least twice a day with a gentle, unscented soap. Make sure you wash the pubic hair around the vagina as they usually retain sweat and dirt which in turn can create foul odor.

You should always wash your buttock last so that no nasty matter goes inside vagina.

Be careful while you’re washing, though because if soap foam goes inside the vagina canal, it may cause some harmful side effects.

  • Give Your Vagina a Regular Haircut or Shave

Truth is, the shorter the vaginal hair, the lower the chances of odor and infections

  • Let Your Vagina Breathe with the Right Lingerie

Use the right lingerie which will allow air around your vagina because, leaving the area damp leaves you open to a bacterial invasion. Cotton underwear is preferably to nylon and other airless fabric.

  • Change Your Underwear Regularly

A woman should never wear an underwear item for more than one day. Vaginal secretions make it totally unhealthy, damp and a ready ground for bacteria to multiply. This is even more important during menstruation.

  • No Perfumes around the Vagina

Perfume will cause a PH imbalance which is not good. So the best option is to up your hygiene.

  • Go to Your Gynecologist

It is recommendable for all women when they reach puberty to visit the gynecologist for general information on vaginal health.

Once you are s3xually active or 21 or older, you should be heading in for a Pap smear every two or three years to check for infections, abnormalities and cervical cancer.

Get medical help once you notice an infection.  Once you notice an itch, strange coloration of vaginal (menstrual) emissions, noticeable signs of infections — say foul odor, rashes or boils, see your doctor.

  • Make Your Vagina Taste Sweet with the Right Food

It has been proven that what you eat affects the taste of your vaginal juices. So eat the right kind of fruits, especially those high in natural sugar— oranges, apples, mangoes etc. They have a positive effect on vaginal taste.  On the other hand, avoid fruits and vegetables that give bad breath — like onions, garlic.

They have an equally negative effect on vaginal taste, just like alcohol, coffee and spicy food.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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