Most people don’t stop to think about what they should or should not do when it comes to making love. Ensuring that your genitalia is regularly cleaned and is healthy is crucial for your overall health. People tend to contract all kinds of STDs there because they don’t know how to take care of their nether regions properly.

Below are some instructions that you should follow religiously every time after making love:

1. Use The Loo

Peeing after making love is compulsory, no matter how unromantic or unsexy it may sound. Microorganisms find their way into your vagina during the process of making love and its warmth and moisture provide an ideal breeding ground for them. Peeing cleans out the area. But make sure that you start wiping from your vagina front-to-back so that you don’t introduce any more germs there.

2. No Steaming Baths In The Tub

There’s nothing wrong with showering after making love but don’t just sink into the warmth of your bathtub. Your genital is always more open after making love and it won’t be able to stop the germs in the water from entering.

3. Stay Hydrated

Making love is just like working out so you must drink a lot of water after you’re done. When you get that parched feeling in your throat, it is time to hydrate yourself. Drink at least a pint of water and it will ensure that you pee properly after.

4. Consume Probiotics

You need to eat the right kind of food after making love. While dessert sounds like a wonderful choice, you need to control your craving and go for the right kind of snack. Aged food items are the most appropriate choices. Fermented foods like curd and kimchi really help because they refuel the microorganisms in your body that help to prevent any genital infection. Here’re 14 probiotic foods you should add to your diet.

5. Vaginas Are Self-Cleaning

This is a crucial fact that all women should be aware of. Especially after making love when your vagina is at its most delicate state, don’t apply any soap or cleaning materials there. Doing so will only mess with the pH level and this will prevent your vagina from cleaning itself as it normally would. Just wash it with clean water.

6. Take Off That Underwear

The vast majority of lingerie that is available is made of suffocating materials like polyester and nylon. Putting them back on after making love won’t give your vagina the space it needs to breathe, thereby, allowing all kinds of bacteria to breed. Stay naked or pick up some plain cotton panties.

7. Wet Wipes Are A No-No

Wet wipes are perfumed with different chemicals and using them to cleanse your genitalia will mess up your pH levels. The most you can do is add a bit of vinegar to warm water and clean yourself up with that mixture. Make sure that you gently pat the area dry.

8. Hair Dryers Can Work Wonders

While you need to be really careful about the temperature, using a hair dryer to dry your nether regions after making love can actually work well for you. Women who have a tendency to contract urinary tract infections and mycosis will find this particularly helpful.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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