What Kind Of Woman Are You According To The Month In Which You Were Born?

This may come to you as a surprise, but it turns out that the month in which a woman is born can say a lot about her personality. If you haven’t done a test like this before, read on and find out what your birth month says about the kind of person you are.

JANUARY  The most prominent personality trait of January women is their ambition. These women are also very critical, serious and rather conservative.  They rarely open up their feelings. They can only be approached by people who share the same points of view and are on the same intellectual level.


Women born in February are very romantic, but also prone to frequent mood changes. They are commonly misunderstood and need to be treated with a lot of patience. Their way of thinking is rather abstract. What February women don’t ever tolerate is betrayal.


March women are characterized by a natural charm. Although they never fall in love easily, they are faithful and committed. Women born in the third month are very pleasant until they get upset. Otherwise, they make excellent life companions.


They usually call April women diplomats because they are very communicative and have amazing social skills. However, they do show signs of self-pity from time to time. Another thing you should know about these women is their jealous outburst, which can happen quite often. They are best avoided when in such a mood. On the plus side, they give their unconditional love to whoever earns their trust and will make their man the happiest man on Earth.


Women born in the fifth month are really determined and never stray away from the principles they have. They are usually defined as having a difficult character, which is usually combined with great physical appearance. This makes May women dangerous to any man that falls in love with them. They often say for men who dated May-born women that they never forget them.


There are several positive things about June-born women. They are characterized as quite inquisitive, outgoing and imaginative. However, their greatest flaw is that they usually speak before they think. They are brutally honest and prefer telling the truth in your face rather than talking behind your back. Also, they are players in love making men toys in their hands.


July women are characterized as intelligent, sincere, mysterious and beautiful. These women are also very polite and always strive to stay away from conflicts. They can never put up with cheating and once you betray them, you lose them forever.


Women born in August combine self-centeredness and generosity in a unique manner. They are born winners, so competing with these women is in vain. August women have a great sense of humor, but they don’t like being made fun of. If you mock them, they will attack you in such a way that you won’t be able to defend yourself. They are normally the centre of attention and men easily lose heads in their company.


Generous, controlled and good-looking, September women will never put up with betrayal. In fact, they’ll always want revenge if hurt. They are also quite critical and expect a lot from their partners. September-born women want long relationships, meaning they are not girls for one night only. They usually stay with the man that proves his unconditional love.


October women are marked by strong character. Although very emotional, they never cry in front of other people. They are very cautious with other people and don’t open up easily for fear of being hurt. They are very smart and are often the subject of envy to other women.


Women born in November are brutally honest and you should never ask them for their opinion if you aren’t prepared to hear the truth. They are always one step ahead of the others, and they can easily spot a liar. Playing with these women is never a good idea.


Women born in the last month of the year are said to be very fortunate in life. Although frequently impatient, they always come out as winners.  They are a great company because they know how to lift your mood. Open-hearted and positive, December women are prone to being hurt, but they always seem to have luck on their side.


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Written by Rachel Wilson