A Few Tricks On How To Clean Easily The Things You Didn`t Know How To Clean

We all have our cleaning routine, how often to clean things, how much time it will take, what to clan first and what last, etc. Also, we know how to make certain DIY cleaners and some tricks for the more difficult tasks. But there are always some odd items, we never know how to clean properly, things that are very fragile, we don`t notice or things we don`t clean often. Here are 27 tricks on how to clean those things.

1. Blinds

Use a microfiber cloth, liquid dish soap and warm water to easily clean the window blinds.

2. Bathroom tiles

Use a candle to keep the bathroom pristine- seal the grouting with a candle wax to prevent mildew.

3. Shower curtain

Wash the curtains in a salt bath to remove the mildew and prevent it from returning.

4. Shower caulking

The shower caulking is the place where mold and mildew appear. To remove it, just use bleach and an old toothbrush.

5. Porcelain sink

You will find porcelain sinks in most of the older houses, both in the kitchen and the bathroom. They are very pretty but they also stain easily. To make them white again, use a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, salt and hydrogen peroxide.

6. Window tracks

The window tracks get all the outside dirt, debris and gunk from opened windows. To clean them and return their shine, use baking soda, vinegar, dish soap and some elbow grease.

7. Range hood filter

This is the messiest thing in the kitchen, after the sink, because of all the smoke and grease it collects every day. Use OxiClean for it.

8. Hard water deposits

Common metal sink are covered with persistent stains from the hard water deposits. In order to clean them, use distilled white vinegar and an old T-shirt.

9. Glass oven door

Modern ovens have self-cleaning feature, but this makes the glass oven door even messier. To clean it, use an overnight baking soda paste.

10. Toaster

Most of us never clean the toaster, or we do it rarely. If it`s a toaster oven, you can make it safe for the food with some nail polish remover and tartar cream.

11. Refrigerator

Cleaning the fridge does not just include throwing away old, rotten food, you should give it a deep clean at least twice a year.

12. Refrigerator coils

If you vacuum the refrigerator coils at the bottom, it will work using less power, and it will be more efficient.

13. Cast iron skillet

This kitchen tool is the hardest to clean because you need to take all sorts of precautions not to damage it. All you need for safe cleaning is a potato and some salt.

14. Bottoms of the pans and pots

We don`t usually pay attention to the bottom when we wash the pans and pots. Use baking soda or Bar Keeper`s Friend to remove the burn marks or leftover mess.

15. Laptop

The process of laptop cleaning can be a bit frightening. But don`t worry, use can clean it safely using a microfiber cloth, distilled water, some mild dosh soap. Rubbing alcohol, compressed air and pipe cleaners.

16. Mirrors

Incorrect cleaning of the windows will not only make a mess, but it can also damage them. Instead of Windex, use a microfiber cloth, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, water and cotton pads.

17. Coffee makers

The tiny compartments make them difficult for cleaning the build ups from frequent use. The only thing you can do is regular descaling, disinfecting and cleaning.

18. Iron

Use white vinegar and salt to clean the iron and make it more effective.

19. Glass and bottles with odd shapes

We know how to clean them, just not how to reach some area, because of the odd shape and too small openings. The best solution is the clever magnet cleaning method.

20. Mattress

It`s a simple process using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and a vacuum cleaner.

21. Baseball caps

You can`t wash them like all the other clothes, but you can still wash them, believe it or not, in the dishwasher. Put them in the machine with some Borax, and get rid of all the mess.

22. Hair brush

You need to clean the hair brushes as well, to avoid dragging a mess through the washed hair. Use baking soda and shampoo to clean them, at least once a month.

23. Makeup brushes

They need to be clean and germ-free because they come in direct contact with your eyes and skin. For this purpose, you can use dish soap and olive oil.

24. Air conditioner

Dirty AC can`t work properly, and it also blows dust particles inside our homes. Even though it`s a bit complicated, you need to clean it regularly.

25. Car upholstery

Make you DIY cleaner for the car upholsters using equal parts of club soda, dish soap and vinegar, scrub it with a brush and remove with a steam cleaner or shop vac. This way you won`t need to take the car to the carwash.

26. Ceiling fan

Use the pillow trick to clean the blades from the ceiling fan.

27. Dog toys

Some of the plush toys can be machine-washed, the other that can`t should be soaked in warm water with vinegar.

These few tricks make us think we can clean just about anything. Even the things we`ve never thought of cleaning before.

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Written by Rachel Wilson


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