Really, there are 9 different parts of your body that are stuffed with bacteria that you don’t know about it. In fact, many experts were intrigued in this subject years ago, and they have learned that more than 600 types of bacteria live in your tongue, mouth and many other parts that you wouldn’t even think of.


Bacteria sticks firmly to your tongue, and if you don’t brush it along with your teeth, it can stay there for years. A coated or white tongue occurs when the surface is colonized by bacteria or fungi, and dead cells become trapped between the small nodules on the tongue. Don’t let it build up more bacteria, instead, when brushing your teeth, brush the tongue as well.


A single mouth can be home to more than 6 billion bacteria, an impressive number when compared to 7.3 billion total human population of earth. Thankfully, teeth and your entire mouth can typically be kept healthy and happy with the minimal effort. Dental hygienists advise brushing for three minutes, with a soft brush. Replace the brush every three months – or sooner if the bristles are worn, bent or frayed. Also, replace your toothbrush if you’ve just recovered from a cold, the flu or another ailment. Germs like to lurk in your brushes bristles.

Nasal cavity

When you breathe through your nose, you put some kind of bacteria in it. It is not something that you can see, bacteria keep staying in your nose, more precisely in the hair of the nose.


The human armpit has a lot to offer bacteria. It’s moist, it’s warm, and it’s usually dark. Be aware that the armpits can accumulate up to 80 000 bacteria! You should try cleaning your armpits with an antibacterial.


Fingertips are hives of nastiness, and are home to various types of bacteria, fungus, and YEAST.  If you have large nails, you carry harmful bacteria with you, so cut the nails regularly and use an antibacterial soap for hand wash.


Your ear canal is an instrument composed to recognize the sound and translate it into brain signals. The curved shape of your ear canal makes it ideal for picking up and amplifying sound. Unfortunately, the “hollow” part also makes it a shelter for dust, debris, and dead skin cells.


Normally, this part of the body is dirty and you should clean it regularly so you would avoid or prevent serious problems.


Seldom, your head tickles and you instantly think of dandruff. On the opposite, dandruff is not the exclusive head and hair enemy. Different kinds of bacteria may appear on your head and eat your scalp. Try washing your hair frequently.

Belly bottom

From 60 belly buttons, the team found 2,368 bacterial species. Forthwith, this would probably sound funny, yet, it is true. Bacteria develops, spreads through your navel, causing naval stone that finally results in a tumor. Don’t forget to clean your belly every time you take a shower.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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