Headaches are one such warning signs that none of us should ignore. They correctly inform us as to what exactly is wrong with our nervous system, and in most cases, we can take up several other steps, instead of going to a chemist and asking for pills. Sometimes, it can also be stopped by massaging the part of the head, which is affected.

Whatever be the solution, it is imperative that one should never neglect a twinge in the head, or if it feels like Thor is hammering it. Speak out, or if you are knowledgeable enough, never hesitate to take an action. Unless it is something extremely serious like Brain cancer, or tumor, it should be cured using everyday household items.

Sinus Related Headache

This headache is caused by infections, especially in the mucus cavity. The pain feels akin to burning, with the throat and the nose. Usually accompanied by fever, these headaches also affect the eyes, making it watery. For its treatment, people need to drink as much water as they can. The intake of liquids, especially warm water enables the reduction of inflammation and opening up of tissues.

Also, include oranges and a lot of Vitamin C, for they are rich in antioxidants, and combat the infection. Cold compresses, and hot water also help in reducing the pain, soup reduces the inflammation, and you feel relieved.

Tension Related Headache

The most common of the lot, tension headaches affect the sides of the head (temple), the back of the head, the neck, and also leads to a pricking sensation above the eye. This pain can be reduced by a massage with the head lying comfortably amidst pillows.

This headache leads to vomiting and nausea, and the person needs to lie down. Also, drinking ginger tea with some honey would reduce the pain, and applying peppermint oil to the base of the head, amidst the root of the hair, would cool the inflammation.

Cluster Headaches

Happens only to females, and usually over one eye; this headache occurs in groups, hence the name ‘cluster’. It is frequently recurring, and comes and goes after a few moments, leaving a very uncomfortable feeling in the body. The eyes become watery, also leading to a nasal blocking, which almost always doesn’t show while diagnosed, which is why it is so confusing to be treated.

Applying cayenne pepper, in a cream called Capsaicin cream reduces the pain by a lot, as they act as a painkiller blocking the nerves that transmit pain.


The most troublesome and confusing of all headaches, migraine is also one of the most frequently occurring headaches, which affects people from 20-55. This can lead to severe headaches all over the head, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, and several other varied symptoms, which sometimes branch of to other headaches.

Whatever be it, it needs to be diagnosed immediately, for migraines keep on increasing as they get untreated, and then the pain is almost unbearable, leading to tumors in some situations.

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Written by Rachel Wilson


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