The World Has Gone Mad For This Magnificent Purple Bread! It CURES CANCER And Prevents Neurological And Cardiovascular Diseases!!!

It sounds weird we know but it is true. About the amazing discovery of Professor Zhou Weibiao, from the University of Singapore the whole world is talking.

This professor was trying to  change the bread formula, but to save the the softness and brilliant taste and of the regular bread. The final product of his research is this magnificent purple bread. This bread is that it is made from all natural ingredients.

He began with the natural blue pigment from black rice –  anthocyanin, , which can also be found in blueberries and grapes, leaving its starch compounds. In the bread dough you need to put anthocyanin and the dough will not be white anymore. This purple dough is much healthier and batter . You should consume it!

Then bake this bread at 200 degrees because when baked like this 80 percent of the antioxidant anthocyanin is saved. This compound reacts with the enzymes in the flour, which is why this purple bread is 20 percent lighter to digest than the ordinary bread. Other reason  to consume this purple bread is it will help you bring your sugar levels back to normal and it is very easy to digest .

By consuming this bread you  enter the necessary amounts of wheat flour and starch  , and still keep the nutritional value on the same level.

To slow down the release of energy is the main goal in consuming this bread.

Also, anthocyanin  helps in the prevention of cardiovascular and neurological diseases even cancer and  have a positive impact the obesity .

Purple bread is not yet available in markets, because the professor is still working on a deal with some prestigious food manufacturers. This magnificent purple bread will be in the supermarkets in no time.

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Written by Rachel Wilson


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