The best hack that you can know, and it is connected with your healthy, is a little shameful, but it is healthy.

You shouldn’t keep your fart. This is the shameful truth.
You suppose to fart like 10 times per day, that is the result of a healthy digestion.

Also, certain foods can make us feel bloated and will force us to fart more often.

The foods which will make you fart are beans, potatoes, oats, wheat, and if they are packed with more nutrients and the fart will have strong smell.
In addition to this post we are going to present you why you should fart during the day, and why this is healthy:

1. It eliminates bloating
One of the best solution of the bloating is farting. So once you eliminate the air from your stomach, you will be less bloated. So farting reduces bloating.

2. It’ll help you to balance your diet
We all have different gut. So you will digest the food differently than I will.
Farts are very good for balance and imbalance of the digestive system.
In case you consume more red meat, you will have strong odor which is unbearable from the others, and more complex carbohydrates will have neutral odor.

3. It can relieve abdominal pain
It not appropriate to fart in every situation.
You can hold a little bit. You shouldn’t fart in public. You will need to massage the stomach in order to improve the flow in the stomach.

4. Holding it in can be bad for the colon
In case you are holding the gas, you are making bad influence on your colon.
You will let it naturally to get out of your system.

5. Inhaling farts is good for your health.
This is really funny, and it is proven that in case you inhale the fart will eliminate the mitochondrial damage to the cells. It prevents strokes, heart disease and arthritis.

6. Farts tell us about our health
You need to take care of the fart you are making. Notice the details, you will see whether you fart frequent, or how does the fart smells.
It will indicate a couple of issues that you have in the organism and you didn’t know about.

7. Diagnose food
Some of the allergies will make you flatulence, and some kind of lactose intolerance.
In case you are farting more noticeable than you used to, you will consult your doctor. The tests are very simple and the results are very obvious.

8. It feels good
At the end, the feeling that the fart offers you is inexplicable. It is quite a relief. When you struggle with hours of movement in the bowel, and all that pain results with a fart, and the relief is quite big.

In case you think you fart too much, you can consult your doctor and also you can practice some tricks while you eat.
You need to eat slowly, and don’t drink carbonates and eliminate the artificial sweeteners.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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