Avocado is really an amazing fruit – besides being tasty, it is also known for its fibers that are great for the heart and the liver, and various other health benefits. Furthermore, even its seed is super useful! For instance, you can grow an entire tree from just one seed.

Here we have 8 reasons why you should consume these nutritious seeds:

  • Soluble Fibers – they have one of the richest sources of these fibers
  • Antioxidants – these seeds contain more than 70% of the antioxidants in avocados, and polyphenols that are similar to the ones in green tea
  • Decelerated Aging – due to the high amounts of the antioxidants, they decelerate the aging process and prevent wrinkles, and also rebuilt collagen and make the skin youthful and firm
  • Cancer – fighting properties – they contain a very powerful ingredient called flavonol which prevents tumor growth
  • Boost the immune system – they prevent free radicals and generally strengthen the immune system so they effectively protect against colds and flu
  • Heart health – these seeds are known to reduce cholesterol, because they are rich in dietary fiber which binds the cholesterol before it is absorbed in the blood. That leads to less cardiovascular diseases and plaque deposits which cause heart attacks and strokes
  • Relieve Digestive Issues – it is known for relieving constipation, preventing gastric ulcers, and alleviates inflammation, also, it prevents viral and bacterial diseases and diarrhea.
  • Lower blood glucose and maintain body weight – they cause a feeling of satiety that lasts long, suppress appetite, and will definitely help you maintain body weight, as well as to reduce blood glucose.

These seed are best if you dry them first, then crush them with a hammer, instead of blending it. This seed should always be mixed with something sweet, such as fruits or honey, just to cover its bitter taste.

However, put the avocado seed powder into your daily diet list, or add it to various dressing, sauces, smoothies, salads. Or, use it to make avocado pit tea, or facial mask. The uses of this seed are endless!

So, keep the seeds next time when you eat avocados, and use them later for their numerous health benefits!

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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