Throughout our whole life we use garlic: with it, we season the meat, soups, add it to salads, and we eat it fresh. We use garlic to treat colds, cough, put it in our ear

Often, we are not even aware that garlic is not just a product or garden culture, but an entire storehouse of health. Of course, garlic should not be eaten without any measure and the only thing to eat. He is still a spice, but his world glory has been checked for centuries, and a bad word for him has not been heard so far.

Researchers from Pennsylvania have found that garlic is also a very useful cancer against cancer, as evidenced by data from epidemiological studies: in countries where garlic is a traditional component of national cuisine, the degree of cancerousness is lower compared to countries where garlic is not used very often.

Some of these elements are an integral part of vitamin preparations, e.g. ascorbic acid, riboflavin or vitamin A. If you have a faint heart or problems with your blood vessels, then your doctor probably will prescribe potassium-containing preparations. In allergies and colds, calcium is recommended, with low hemoglobin iron. And all these elements are in one garlic clove!

Before we pay special attention to the issue that heals every element in the garlic, we will announce the results of the experiments of a Japanese professor. The clinic has conducted experiments with more than a thousand volunteers. The effect of garlic on the body was checked. It was found that the lifetime tone in those patients was maintained at a high level. And their activity was also high and had no depression syndromes, mood fall, poor health.

First conclusion:

Garlic supports the general tone of the body, it recovers and improves working ability and concentration.

The bow of our body expels the toxins, improves the blood flow, stimulates the work of the heart. Unlike the precious gentleman, he is always at hand.

If you suffer from thrombophlebitis, remember the garlic. You do not need to buy garlic based products in a pharmacy, you can make tea from garlic and home.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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