Mulberry Juice – Strengthens the Immune System Better Than Supplements (Recipe Included)

Not only that it`s taste is amazing, mulberry juice has also numerous health benefits. Mulberries are used for juice, but also for making wine and jam, all of which protect our health.

The color of these berries ranges from bright to dark red, sometimes purple. Their appearance is so outstanding, that you can`t walk by them and not stop to pick and try some.

The benefits of mulberry juice

This juice contains lots of nutrients important for our body. They are packed with antioxidants and they can cleanse our organism from accumulated toxins.

Mulberries are also very rich in minerals, especially iron, magnesium and potassium, as well as vitamins like C and E, which give the berries a sweet and a bit sour taste.

The mulberry plant grown like a weed, so it can be found along fences or on the walls of houses, meaning it`s easy for cultivation. The fruits appear in July and August.

This amazing and delicious fruit has powerful anticancer properties. The best way to consume it is to prepare a homemade juice without preservatives and any additives. It will boost your immunity and strengthen the body, so it`s able to fight diseases.

Mulberry juice for blood work and healthy heart

A cup of the juice contains around 700 mg of potassium. It is recommended as a remedy for the cardiovascular system, as well as for people with anemia due to the high content of iron.

Boosts the immunity better than supplements

For proper function, the immune system requires folates, i.e. vitamin B9, which is hard to find in most foods. Mulberry is very rich in this important nutrient.


Mulberry is also rich in anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant, which gives the fruit its dark color. Mulberry syrup can be used to detoxify the entire organism and prevent many diseases.


200 ml of mulberry juice contain 90 mg of vitamin C, which is almost 100% of the daily recommended dose. It helps with inflammation, preserves skin elasticity as well as the blood vessels and tendons.

Relieves pain and helps with heavy periods

Mulberries can reduce heavy periods and help with other problems during the cycle. Also, the juice can relieve pain and cramps, and it has positive effects on the blood.

Treats diarrhea sand constipation

Mulberry juice helps with bowel movement problems, like diarrhea. It hydrates the body and regulates the digestive tract function. A glass of this juice can have positive effects against constipation and bloating of the lower abdominal part.

Strengthens the bones and prevents osteoporosis

As we said, mulberry fruit is rich in calcium, very important for growth, development and strengthening of the bones. Mulberry drink is maybe one of the best natural home remedies for bone health and prevention against osteoporosis. In case of a fracture, it can help in faster healing of the bone.

Cancer prevention

Due to the high amount of vitamin C and flavonoids, mulberry juice is recommended as a powerful remedy against colon cancer. It removes all the toxins accumulated in the digestive tract, so it prevents the growth and development of malignant cells in the colon.

Making mulberry syrup

This is one of the many recipes for making mulberry syrup. You will need:

  • 5 kg of fresh mulberries
  • 5 kg of sugar
  • 2 bags limonite`s
  • Preservative (optionally)


  • The best thing is to use home-grown berries, without any chemicals which can reduce their nutritional and medical value.
  • In case you use less berries, lower the amount of sugar as well.
  • Wash the berries and remove the rotten ones.
  • Pour the berries in a large saucepan and cover them with water (around 5 liters).
  • Cook them until they start boiling, then lower the heat.
  • Let them cook for 10 minutes and then remove the pot from the heat.
  • Using a sieve, double-strain the juice.
  • Pour the sugar and return to the heat.
  • Let it boil once again and then remove the pot from the heat.
  • Add the contents of the 2 bags of limonite`s and preservative (as much as you want).
  • Stir the juice and transfer it in glass bottles, washed previously.
  • Close the bottles and let them cool down on room temperature.

The syrup should be stored in dark, not very cool place, like the closet.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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