Massagе is a pleasant relaxant and plays an active role in improving the way our bodies function, muscles operation, our senses, and our brains. It is also an invaluable part of any weight loss plan.

Cellulite is developed on the thighs because of several factors:
increased fatty tissue, poor lymphatic drainage, loss of collagen,
thin epidermis, family history, and estrogen.

The body builds up deposits of white fat in specific areas of the body where it serves no useful function, forming insulation or cushioning, and does not interfere with the working of the body. This fat does not respond as well to diet or exer­cises as yellow fat, which derives from what we eat.

The message, surgery, and liposuction, sometimes become the only option for getting rid of cellulite. We do not recommend the latter two unless obesity is such that walking becomes almost impossible, there is a threat to the joints, and so on. Even then, the exercise, the diet, and massage, as well as good motivation, have to come first or the fat that is removеd will soon be replaced.

The areas that respond best to treatment are the parts where cellulite tends to amass: the sides of the thighs, the upper arms, below the navel and across the lower abdomen, around the hips and over the buttocks, and on the breasts.

If you have cellulite deposits in several areas, treat just one or two at a time. Therefore make sure you can give each a period of concentrated attention. The next day, move on to another area as the original one will be sore, and massage the affected areas of your body in a cycle. If you have only one area that needs to be treated, then allow a gap of a couple of days between massage sessions, more if you need it.

Massaging away cellulite is a very devotеd process. Remember you are trying to break up the fat, so it will necessarily involve some pain and bruising later. Any technique that breaks up the fat mechanically is likely to bruise, but this is only tissued bruising and should not cause any side effects.

Do not treat any areas that are affected by the thread veins or varicose veins – or vulnerable areas around recent scar tissue or open sores.


  1. Apply massage oil to your hands, rub your hands together to warm it up and potentize (energize) it.
  2. Rub the oil into the planned area until it is fully absorbеd into the skin. After that, knead the area by pressing and lifting the fat and skin folds between the thumbs and four fingers. Continue this for about five minutes. Do it gently at first and then apply some more pressure, don’t worry, you get usеd to it.
  3. It is beneficial to put hot towels on the area that you have worked on. Leave them in some place for five minutes or so. This helps the absorbed oil to work better. After kneading the skin, you can warm up the tissue with friction, by rubbing the area briskly with the palm of your hand.


Any pleasant oil. such as almond oil, will facilitate massaging, but its an oil specifically formulated for treating cellulite has added benefits. These oils contain ingredi¬ents such as mustard and ginger oils, which have a heating effect that is quite noticeable. This draws blood to the tissue being massagеd and so improves the potency of the treatment. Two high-quality oils, kalonji, and mustard are an actually powerful combination and have a synergistic effect as cellulite oil. Also along with other ingredients such as ginger oil and saffron. Due to quite an intense warming effect of cellulite oils, it is better not to treat yourself last thing at night.

Not all the oil will be absorbеd. Half an hour or so, after the massage, wipe away the excess oil with surgical spirit. It also assists in removing grease. And also the moisture from the cellulite deposits, helping to reduce their mass.
Important note: Wear gloves for this or the spirit will remove moisture from your fingers as well.


Drink more water it keeps you hydrated, and also helps cleanse the toxins that may lead to fat accumulation. Try exercise at home, exercises like squats, jump-squats, step-ups, glute kickbacks, side to sides are excellent for cellulite reduce. Lifestyle changes, try to improve your daily habits and implement some low-carb diet. Also, start doing certain tasks that will warm your body.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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