Lose Your Belly Fat With This 5-Day Apple Diet

Have you heard of the “apple diet”? It’s a low-calorie diet plan that’s you eat apples with every meal: lunch, breakfast, and dinner. It is based on the belief that consuming a apple at each meal can make you feel fuller and cause you to eat less.

Apples is full of vitamins, minerals and fiber while being low in calories because a average one will have between 80 and 100 calories. Apples as well a rich source of calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A, B, and C, and fiber. It is not only a weight loss friendly fruit but too aids to improve your health as an whole.

The apple works to boost the bodies immunity, prevent the forming of cataracts, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, aids prevent cancer, helps in digestion, works as an natural laxative also as being an nutritional dense fruit.

Hence, the 5-day Apple Diet won’t only help you lose weight but too improve your overall health.

How This Apple Diet Works

The apple diet keeps your daily calorie intake low to about 1200 calories per day. The fiber in the apple binds to the fat molecules, preventing fat absorption. The fiber bound fat are then directly excreted by the body. Apples as well make you feel fuller as an longer time.

The 5-Day Apple Diet Plan

Day One

Breakfast: 2 Apples
Lunch: 1 Apple
Dinner: 3 Apples

Day Two

Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 glass of skim milk or soy milk
Lunch: 1 apple and avocado green salad, topped with seeds and nuts. Dress them with an lemon and apple cider vinegar dressing.
Dinner: 2 Apples

Day Three

Breakfast: 1 apple + 1 slice multigrain bread+ scrambled eggs
Lunch: 1 apple and cabbage and carrot clear soup with chicken breast
Dinner: 1 apple+ lentil soup

Day Four

Breakfast: 1 apple + kale smoothie
Lunch: 1 apple+ vegetable clear soup
Dinner: 1 apple + vegetarian lettuce wrap

Day Five

Breakfast:1 apple+ 1 boiled egg
Lunch: 1 apple+ vegetable clear soup
Dinner: 1 apple+ baked fish and asparagus

The Apple Diet Benefits

Will aid you lose weight by making you feel full, hence, curbing the hunger pangs. Thus, eating apples daily will aid prevent the risk of stroke, heart disease, and too lower cholesterol levels.

These diet aids to bring the metabolism of your body right back up in an slow and steady process. As well is an balanced diet that comprises of vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy, good fats, good carbs, micronutrients, and dietary fiber.

Caution. The first 2 days is crucial. Drink enough water or detox water along with the apples. Also, if you decide to give these 5 Day Apple Diet a try, check on your doctor first, as you should with any diet.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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