If You Have Sleep Disorders, Brittle Nails And Hair Loss This Are The Things You Should Do

Adrenal glands contain a major part controlling the elements of the kidneys, and the formation of hormones, for example, estrogen and testosterone.

Adrenal organs are known to be the little layered organ that is found at the highest point of your organ which is the kidney. It additionally incorporates the creation of stress hormones like cortisol.

Additionally, adrenal organs are the one that is in charge of the emission of a few hormones, for example, steroids and adrenaline. Indeed, these hormones assume an essential part in the direction of the pulse, upgrade of digestion, and additionally the invulnerability supporter instrument. It can likewise help you in overseeing and managing stress and dejection.

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue has been defining as an applied set of symptoms that generally include digestive issues, fatigue, body pain, nervousness, as well as sleeping disorder. Below are the listed health issues that may lead to decreased levels of hormones that can have an effect on each body part. Adrenal deficiency may be the leading effect brought by untreated adrenal fatigue.

Common signs and symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue:

1. Chronic emotional and physical fatigue
2. Uterine fibroids
3. Sleep disturbances
4. Hair loss
5. Long-lasting muscle pain or body aches
6. Low sex drive
7. Depression and anxiety
8. Irritability
9. Unexpected weight gain or loss
10. Muscle weakness
11. Low blood pressure
12. Thyroid issues
13. Blurry visions
14. Lethargy
15. Hypoglycemia
16. Memory loss and brain fog
17. Heart palpitations
18. Dry skin and brittle nails

We will be providing a natural remedy that can actually assist you in improving the function of your adrenal gland to its best setting, as well as to ease different health problems.


-5 tablespoons of extra virgin, organic coconut oil
-1/3 cup of raisins
-2/3 cup of dried leaves of parsley
-2 tablespoon of ginger root
-4 tablespoon of organic and raw honey
-2/3 cup of Brazilian walnuts


Combine all together both of the walnuts and parsley with the help of a blender. Then add the ginger, coconut oil, and honey. Blend all of it together until you create a fine and smooth mixture.


Consume at least two tablespoons of this natural remedy to improve the function of your adrenal gland. You have to take this drink before consuming your breakfast, and most importantly on an empty stomach.

The recommended dosage is for at least 2 to 3 times a week and it will effortlessly stimulate the function of your adrenal gland. Thus, providing you a quality sleep, beautiful skin and your hair will look more wonderful and lively, as well as be energized.

Other great suggestions to keep your adrenal glands healthy:

You have to avoid consuming sugar

-Avoid using hydrogenated oils just like soy, corn and canola oil

-Prevent the usage of microwave oven

-Consume a lot of water

-Minimize your consumption of caffeine

-Lower or exclude alcohol

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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