How to Lose 24 Pounds In One Month: The Overlooked Brazilian Diet

The Brazilian diet is one of the most overlooked meal plans nowadays, which many people don’t know about yet it offers magnificent results in a short period.

To let you know more about it, here you have everything from its principles up to a 7-day plan that will help you create a complete and useful eating routine to lose weight. Come further and find out more!


  1. Count your calorie intake every day. Don’t obsess with it, make sure to not go over 700 calories per meal
  2. Eat portions of everything in your diet, balance each meal correctly
  3. Forget about fast foods or processed ones: they contain too many unhealthy carbs and fat
  4. Alcohol is not your friend anymore: Restrain yourself from drinking any until you’ve reached your goal
  5. Stick to water only as a beverage for each meal
  6. Fruits & Vegetables are your best friends now: Eat lots of them!
  7. Drink at least seven glass of water a day. The more you drink
  8. This diet shouldn’t last more than four If you lose more than 20lbs in two weeks, then stop dieting.
  9. As soon as you stop dieting, start eating more fruits and vegetables and lots of protein. Stay low on carbs and fats.
  10. Make sure to exercise at least twice a week to maintain your muscles firm and improve your weight loss.

Know Yourself

Following the right diet and an excellent exercise program will undoubtedly help you shed some pounds fast and easy. However, with both of these, your hunger levels will go to the roof. Sometimes even after having a complete and well-balanced meal, you will crave for more food. In these cases, it means your sugar level has gone down so far your body craves for more and more food when it doesn’t need it. Learn when this happens and don’t let hunger beat you.

Learn When and How

Eating the right way is all about eating the right foods and knowing when they are necessary. For example, if you haven’t eaten for more than 3 hours, it may surely mean that you need to eat and you feel real hunger. However, if you ate something one hour ago and you are now feeling immense hunger, very likely it means you need to drink water or that your brain is fooling with you. Go for nuts, seeds or veggies instead of full meals when this happens.

An Early Dinner is Essential

One of the primary rules of this diet is to eat your dinner no less than 12 hours before your breakfast. This break from eating will give your body the time to absorb and replenish energies, as well as give you a push on insulin that will help you burn fat. If you ate at 7 pm the day before, you could have something as early as 7 am but not before.

Eat According to Your Needs

To properly lose weight and eventually look well, you need to eat accordingly. This means low carb, fat, and proteins, so you don’t grow more than desired in the places you least expect it. For that, we recommend sticking to measuring your food in the palm of your hand, if any portion is bigger than that, you should reduce it. But when it comes to fruits and vegetables,  you can eat as much as you want.


  • Take an orange, a banana and a glass of low-sugar orange juice at breakfast.
  • Grab a whole-wheat bread and a half avocado paired up with a cup of orange juice for a morning snack
  • Boil a handful of fish and at least 100g of fresh veggies for lunch
  • Eat some as lunch or change fish for meat with the veggies
  • Take the last snack before 10 pm with orange juice and a whole-wheat slice of bread with the other half of the avocado


  • Boil one or two eggs and eat them with a glass of apple juice at breakfast
  • Slice one apple and eat it alongside a slice of whole bread for a morning snack
  • Cook at least 100g of meat, 2 potatoes, and 4 lettuce leaves and eat them for lunch
  • For dinner, you can eat 200g of meat or fish, a boiled egg and some green peas with lettuce
  • Finish with the last snack of a glass of apple juice and a final slice whole bread


  • Start your day with a scrambled egg and a slice of whole bread paired up with a glass of lean milk
  • Eat 100g of lean cheese with a slice of whole bread for a snack
  • Cook 100g of rice and put them in the same plate of 150g of cabbage with parsley and lemon juice for lunch
  • Eat 100g of meat or fish at dinner with 4 leaves of lettuce and an apple
  • Finish your day with an apple juice and slice of whole bread snack


  • Take a glass of pineapple juice with a boiled egg for breakfast
  • Take another glass of pineapple juice with a slice of whole bread for a morning snack
  • Prepare 100g of meat with lean cheese and one orange for lunch
  • Cook up 2 potatoes, 100g of carrot and a little of olive oil for dinner
  • End your day with a glass of pineapple juice and a final slice of whole bread


  • Pick a glass of apple juice and pair it up with a slice of whole bread with lean cheese for breakfast
  • Only eat an apple and an orange for a snack with a glass of water
  • Boil 150g of fish with two carrots and eat them for lunch
  • Pick a bowl and chop a few veggies inside and then make a soup to eat with a slice of whole bread
  • Make your last snack meal a slice of whole bread with a glass of orange juice


  • Drink a glass of apple juice with a slice of whole bread and a scrambled egg
  • Make 150g of beet salad with olive oil for a morning snack
  • Cook at least 200g of vegetables in a soup and eat them with a slice of whole bread for lunch
  • Boil 100g of mushrooms and eat alongside 100g of fresh salad for dinner
  • Finish with a glass of apple juice and a boiled egg


  • For a simple breakfast, get one or two bananas with a few grapes
  • Then get a glass of carrot juice and pair it up with a slice of whole bread
  • For lunch, cook 100g of meat with 100g of cabbage and add half an onion and some lemon
  • Dinner should consist of vegetable soup with 100g of salad and a few lettuce leaves
  • Finish up your week with 2 figs and a glass of apple juice

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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