How to Flush Gas And Bloating From Your Stomach With Just Four Ingredients

One in ten Americans states that they suffer from bloating regularly, even when they haven’t eaten a large meal (say, a Thanksgiving feast).

Sometimes, bloating can become severe enough that it causes a noticeable swelling of the abdomen. Gas and bloating are usually diet-related, so you may find that a few simple changes to what you eat will do the trick. Still, if your stomach fails to settle down, there’s no need to rush to the doctor or pharmacy (yet!)

In this article, we’ll talk about four natural ingredients – essential oils, to be exact- that may help relieve those gas and bloating episodes. We’ll wrap things up by making a few other suggestions that may help.


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Written by Rachel Wilson

How To Flush Gas And Bloating From Your Stomach With Just 4 Ingredients

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