Get Rid Of The Obesity: With Only a Spoonful A Day You Can Lose 30 Pounds In A Month

Speeding up your metabolism is the best way to lose weight. There are some natural foods that can help you to achieve this, but also you should pay attention on the spices that you’re using.

Scientists from the Medical Science University of Iran, have made a study. The participans were divided in 2 groups. 88 women with extra weight were included in the study.

The study was in period of three months. The women from both groups were having a healthy diet and the were consuming less than 500 calories in a day. The difference was the use of spices. The first group was consuming 3 grams of cumin every day, they were mixing the cumin with 140 grams of yogurt and they ate it on an empty stomach every morning. The second group also was consuming yogurt but without cumin.

The women from the first group after a period of 1 month lost 14 pounds more than the second group. They lost 14.64 % fat and the second one only 4.91 % fat.

This is because cumin is rich in filosterole, which has the ability to prevent retention of cholesterol in our body. That is making cumin good and so beneficial for boosting the metabolism and making you to lose extra weight.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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