For All The Ladies Who Shave Their Body Hair

This hasn’t happened since early 70’s.

But, today, having body hair is celebrated.


Let’s get back in 2013, when one photographer called Petra Collins, published one photo on Instagram, where she showed her body hair.

This photo was deleted by Instagram. It was not the only case when Instagram erases ones photo.

In 2017 Ashley Ghraham claimed that when she is in her period she is in full blush, Furthermore, Amber Rose also published one photo on Instagram and Twitter, where she showed her intimate hair.

As expected, Instagram deleted the photo, again, describing it as inappropriate. But, the photo has left on Twitter. You can find it there.

More body hair!

Trend called thick brows is born from the above mentioned one.

All in all, elimination of the body hair is a personal decision. Personal preference cannot be changed, What you and your partner prefer, that is how it’s going to be. No one is going to force you on something that you don’t want.

Invention of the Bikini

Let’s get back to the past. Shaving the body hair was invented in 1946, when the first bikini was created.

Soft bikini line was a must for the models. This has led to the constant elimination of the hair from the legs together with the hair on the intimate zone.

Body Hair During the Renaissance

During the Renaissance, women’s body were required to be completely hairless. This is a difficulty with which the women struggled in that time. They were searching a lot of tricks and hacks for elimination of the hair quickly, and the result to last more than 2-3 days.

There was a book which contained a lot of recipes for hair removal. The girls were obsessed to try new tricks that supposed to be helpful.

This book contained a lot of painful tricks for hair elimination. But, the results were long lasting.  On the other hand we have the Greeks. They were searching for less painful process of hair  removal.

As an example, they invented the waxing process. The Greeks preferred the process of elimination one by one hair with hot ashes and also a burning lamp. These were the beginnings of the waxing technology.

Elizabethan Era

During the Elizabethan Era, the women should keep their body hair, but some of the female population walked hairless. The main reason for removing the intimate hair was prevention from the body lice.

Side effects

In addition, we present you the side effects of shaving the intimate zone.
We advise you to stop with the elimination of your body hair, at all, not only shaving, but we talk about waxing too.
A lot of surveys on this topic were made, and all of them show the same results. You should stop doing it.
On one survey made, the results showed that 87% of the female population visit private saloon for elimination of the body hair, and 90% of them prefer shaving.

The skin on the intimate zone is very sensitive, and you will become prone to infections. Also you can make some sores and wounds.
A lot of women feel some kind of tingling when they shave their selves.
This part of the body is full of sweat glands.
Consequences of bacteria growth are unbearable.
Even the smallest cut can lead to infection.

These are the reasons why we advise you to stop waxing and shaving your intimate zone.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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