In summer, after long day of work, you just want to take a shower, hop in your bed, knock off the socks and feel the cool chill of the sheets on them. What an amazing and relaxing feeling!

If you know how unwind and relaxed you feel when you just take off the socks, imagine the feeling of the sheets on your whole skin.

And it`s not just the great feeling, sleeping naked can have health benefits for you. Here are 6 of them:

  1. You can lose weight

Good night`s sleep can reduce stress, and stress can be the cause of body fat. Between 10PM and 2AM the level of cortisol, stress hormone, is lowest. But it you pyjamas make you too hot, and you can`t sleep, you`ll miss this important hours for sleeping and in the morning you`ll feel stressed. And you eat more when you`re stressed, right?

  1. You will look younger

Long and deep sleep helps your body restore itself. For this you`ll need the bedroom temperature to be 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can either reach for the thermostat or just drop off your clothes.

  1. Comfortable sleep

Tangled and twisted clothes during your sleep can cause bad circulation, which is not the case in sleeping naked- the body feels free and unconstructed.

  1. Sleeping naked for better sex

Full skin-to-skin contact during the whole night can increase the intimacy between partners, according to a study.

This will also increase the release of oxytocin- the love hormone, which will elevate sexual arousal and intensify pleasure.

  1. Start the day easier

The part of getting out of pyjamas, folding them, putting them away is so tiring and boring. Save some time in the morning by getting up naked.

  1. Healthier privates

An associate research scientist at the University of California, LA, stated for the Medical Daily that nude sleeping can help women ventilate their private parts, reducing the risk of infections caused by vaginal bacteria that thrive in closed, warm and moist area.

For men, this can help with their sperm quality because of the reduced temperatures and airflow.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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