6 things to do if you want to chase away spiders from your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom – forever!

Most of us are terrified of insect, especially spiders, or we just hate the sight of them. They are even more frequent if you live in a house, they keep coming from the yard all the time.

Many commercial insect repellents promise us wonder in getting rid of bugs, but their potential is limited and they contain enormous amount of chemical, harmful not only for the spider but the humans too.

You may think that it`s easier using an OTC repellent, but the natural, home-made ones are equally efficient, plus they don`t contain a single chemical or toxin. Here are some of them:

Peppermint essential oil

You may love the aroma of peppermint, but spiders can`t stand it. So use its essential oil to get rid of them: mix 8 drops of the oil with some liquid soap, and put it in a spray bottle, shake it and spray the mixture around the house. If you think that it`s not enough minty, just add 8 more drops.

White vinegar

One of the many uses of vinegar in the house is to keep spiders, mosquitoes and ants away. Put one part vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle, and spray the house and yard with mixture. You can also add some peppermint essential oil to make it more efficient.


Lemon, orange or some other citrus essential oil will help you with your spider problem because they hate the smell of citrus fruits. Just rub some oil or fruit peels where the insects or spiders appear.

Chestnuts (or other tree nut)

Chestnuts, walnuts or horse chestnuts are an excellent spider repellent because of a chemical in their scent which spider can`t stand. Put some tree nuts by the windows, on the sills, and the problem is solved.


Put some cedar blocks or cedar hangers in the closets, cupboards or the garden, and you`ll never see another spider, or moth, again.

Keep the house clean

Vacuum and sweep the floor regularly. Seasonal de-clutter will help, leaving more free space in the house as well.

And don`t forget about the outside part: check the doors and windows for gaps, clean the windows and the balcony, and clean the lawn in your garden from leaves and sticks.

Try any of these tips, we guarantee they`ll be of great use in making your home spider-free!

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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