5 Mistakes Women Make During Periods

A menstrual period is a biological process that is an integral part of human females. The topic is still considered a taboo in many places and hence without proper discussion women tend to make several mistakes.

Today, we are going to address 5 common mistakes that females make during their menstrual cycle.

Scented products

It is natural to have a bit of odor during a menstrual cycle. Some women tend to become uncomfortable with this distinctive smell and try to mask it with scented products. The market is full of scented sanitary pads and tampons.

As most of us are not aware of the harmful nature of such products we keep on using them. According to doctors, scented products have chemicals that cause irritation and harm the sensitive skin considerably.

Not changing the pads

Blood flow is a natural part of periods and in order to maintain proper hygiene, females need to use either sanitary napkins or tampons. You have to change sanitary napkins at an interval of 5 – 6 hours and tampons a bit earlier, say 3 – 4 hours. This is because the sanitary napkins have a lasting duration than the tampons.

Several women treat every day of the period in the same manner as the others. They do not like to change their pads in a timely manner and will wait till it starts overflowing and staining the clothes. Each day of the period is different.

The blood flow during the first few days is much heavier than the last ones so change accordingly. If you do not change pads regularly you can suffer from vaginal and yeast infection that can cause serious harm to your body.

Taking painkillers after the cramps

Most women suffer from pain and cramps during their periods. Sometimes the pain is so severe that you cannot even perform your normal daily activities. Doctors suggest taking painkillers at the onset of periods so that you can prevent the pain or make it mild in comparison.

No need to wait until the cramps and pain become so severe that even the medication fails to give the proper relief. It is best to consult your doctor and store the prescribed medicine at home. As soon as you spot any bleeding take the medication.

This will help you in finding relief and you will be able to handle your daily routine much more normally and comfortably.

Not keeping track of periods

The menstrual cycle starts between 25 to 35 days approximately in females and lasts for 5 – 7 days depending on their age, lifestyle, genetics and hormonal condition. Several women ignore their date. It is a natural occurrence and we should treat it with due respect.

In most cases, the monthly cycle is regular but if you are facing irregular periods every month you should consult your doctor. Keeping a track of your cycle and the heaviness of blood flow will enable you to seek medical help in time.

Ignoring the color of blood during periods

The normal color of blood flow during periods is brown at the onset, bright red in the mid and dark brown towards the end. Females tend to ignore the colour, which can prove harmful. If you spot any other color other than this it means that you are having a problem and should consult a doctor immediately.


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Written by Rachel Wilson


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