High blood pressure is mostly caused by increased consumption of salt.

High cholesterol and plugged blood vessels are also a major problem that could bring sudden heart attacks and even strokes as well, but mostly, hypertension, as high blood pressure is commonly medically known, is the cause of these other two, more serious health problems.

And with stroke symptoms and consequences, it is always crucial to act on time and in this case, recognize the symptoms of overeating salty food.

Persistent headaches that just won’t go away.
Based on a recent study that tested adults that ate approximately 3,500 mg sodium each day and other group of adults, consuming 1,500 mg sodium daily, headaches as well as hypertension were recorded among the 73% of the individuals in the first group.

Constant feel of thirst.
This is a very logical symptom. If you just think about eating a lot of cheese, or a lot of chips, you will immediately feel thirsty just from thinking about it. The high levels of sodium, provoked by overeating salty food are best to be brought back to normal with cold, still water.

Brain fog.
As too much salt and sodium dehydrate the body, they dehydrate EACH part of the body. Thus, your brain. And your brain isn’t used to work properly without water, so you would feel lack of concentration, loss of memory and inability to remember stuff and also, you will feel that the time of your reaction compared to the time of your processing information is increased, compared to previously.

Frequent urination.
Haven’t drank any beer, but you feel like going to the bathroom each 15 minutes? It might be because of what you ate, not what you have drunk.

Consuming lots of salt makes your kidneys to work overtime, because they’re struggling with the excessive amount of salt and sodium, which is alert for “extra toxins” for them. That’s why you feel the urge to urinate more frequently.

If you’re among the ones who have these symptoms, and have high blood pressure constantly, we warmly suggest that you try to control the amount of salt that you intake daily and drink more water if you eat salty food, because obviously – your body can’t process it as well. the recommended daily intake of salt, or, sodium, is below 2,300 mg.

How to fix issues caused by excess salt:
The best ways to battle problems caused by sodium is to reduce the intake of processed foods and to drink more water. This way the body is able to stay balanced and go back to normal. Once you normalize the sodium levels try to keep them under control. The recommended daily intake of sodium is less than 2,300 mg.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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