15 Cancer Warning Signs People Ignore Until It’s Too Late!!!

Cancer, the plague of 21c.

All of us should know that in case we have some history with cancer in our family we need to take care of us, and regularly go on checkups.

We need to keep in touch with our doctor and follow how the things are developed. If you discover the cancer at the beginning, there is a chance to eliminate it and move on with your life.

On the internet there are so many articles and posts about early signs of cancer, but people don’t want to hear about it.

In addition to this article, we are going to try again, we are showing you the universal cancer signs at the early stage.

Each cancer type has different manifestation in signs and symptoms, but some of them are very universal that may indicate cancer, but you won’t be aware.

  • Stool change

In case you have change in your stool, you go more often than usually, if you have diarrhea. If you feel pain during urinating, you should check the prostate or bladder.

  • Opened sores

Sores are signs of oral, skin cancer or the one on the genitals. You need to go to your doctor and hear his advice.

  • Bleeding

Blood in the stool or in urine, is not a good sign. You need to check different parts of your body, because blood is a marker of different cancer types.

  • Lumps

In case you have lump, but not an ordinary one, but the one which is changing size, no matter whether is new or the old one, go and check yourself.

  • Indigestion

This is the type of sign which is the most ignored one. But this is the first sign of the more serious diseases in their first stage. You can check your gastrointestinal track firstly.

  • Change in mole or freckle 


    In case you have got this symptom, you need to go to your dermatologist, because you may have skin cancer.

    • Uncommon Hair development

    In case you have untypical hair growth it may indicate cancer, But very rarely, because in most of the cases this means something else.

    • Skin changes

    Any skin change is strange, because it means something. In case you see some darkened, red, or yellow skin consult with your doctor.

    • Discomfort
      In case you have constant headache or back pain, if these symptoms last more than a month you need to ask for a doctor advice.
    • Fever

    Fever as fever no one takes it serious, but it may still indicate some kind of cancer.

    • Weight loss

    In case you are losing too much weigh and you are not doing anything for loosing, that you certainly have se kind of problem, so visit your doctor.

    • Coughing

    In case you have cough without stopping, then you probably have some kind of problem. It may not be a cancer, but you need to visit your doctor.

    • Unusual Lymph Nodes

    If the nodes are causing you pain, and making you discomfort, immediately, visit your doctor, because this is an indicator of cancer.

    • Fatigue

    Fatigue is not sign only to cancer, but to multiple diseases and illness. If the fatigue lasts more than a month, please visit a doctor.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

15 Cancer Symptoms Women Often Ignore