11 Mistakes You Should Stop Doing When Washing Your Hair

1. Waiting As Long As You Can From One Wash to Another

Many people believe that washing your hair as rarely as possible will make your hair less greasy. On the contrary, you should wash you hear according to your hair type. Moreover, the scalp produces natural oils which nourish and protect the hair. Hence, if you have greasy hair, you probably need to wash it every day. If your hair is dry, the regular wash will make it even drier.

2. Using Shampoo for Each Wash

If you have a greasy hair and you wash it every day, try skipping the shampoo. Using a shampoo for every wash will make the scalp dry and rough. Moreover, this will damage the roots of your hair.

3. Scrubbing the Scalp

The hair requires gentle massage and slow circular movements. Thus, avoid scrubbing the hair when you wash it because it will result in hair breakage.

4. Using Hot Showers

You shouldn’t wash your hair with hot water because this can damage and dry your hair. Instead, try to use lukewarm or cooler water.

5. Applying Different Shampoos

Each shampoo is different, and when you use it, your hair gets used to it. Therefore, the shampoo cleans and maintains the health of your hair properly. However, when you use too many different shampoos, you can damage the natural pH levels of the scalp.

6. Using Shampoo Irrationally

The eyes can never be satisfied and we tend to use an irrational amount of the products. The same happens with shampoos. Therefore, the next time you wash your hair, pour only a coin size shampoo. You’ll be surprised that such small amount it enough to wash your hair well.

7. Rubbing the Hair with a Towel

If you rub your hair and squeeze the extra moisture with the towel, stop immediately! Wet hair is very fragile and rubbing it with a towel will damage it. Hence, pat your hair dry and keep your hair healthy.

8. Brushing the Hair While It’s Wet

As we mentioned before, wet hair is very breakable. Thus, wait until your hair is dry enough, and then brush it gently.

9. Regularly Shampooing the Scalp

Avoid shampooing the scalp every time you wash the hair as it may dry it and make it rough.

10. Applying Shampoo on a Dry Hair

You should spend about 1 minute soaking your hair. Afterward, apply the shampoo. This will prepare the hair for proper cleaning.

11. Conditioning the Whole Hair

You should apply shampoo on your roots and apply the conditioner on the bottom half of your hair. Concentrate on the dry roots and rinse well with cold water.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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