Place A Few Leaves Of This Plant In Every Corner Of Your House And You Will Never See A Single Cockroach Again

No matter how clean you keep your house, you can still have a roach problem.Nobody wants their sweet homes to get occupied by the roaches. Roaches running over your kitchen items makes life hell and you need to get rid of the dreaded roaches. Companies with big names always try to sell their products which contain chemicals and toxins at a high price. But, you may be hesitant to use them because of their toxicities. It may cause harm to your pets also.

And when an exterminator delays an appointment, you become desperate for ways to get rid of roaches.

There are amazingly natural solutions to this problem. Chances are there that nobody told you about them so far. Doesn’t matter. Here we will discuss a few of these home remedies to get rid of roaches naturally.

Bay Leaves

We love to use bay leaves in cooking for its taste and fragrance, but roaches hate them. They just can’t stand the smell. We can exploit this to drive them out, or keep them away. All you have to do is place the leaves around nests, high-traffic areas (as in it gets a lot of roaches coming through) and possible entry points. You can use fresh leaves or dry leaves.

Crushing dry leaves into a powder releases a much stronger smell.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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