The beautiful breasts aren’t the only attribute the women want to have in their sleeve. They want to be more educated, intellectual, etc. These days too much attention is paid on the physical look no matter how much progress was accomplished by our civilization.

  1. You are refined intellectual

You have elegant and cheerful personality. You are reserved with the other people. You are thinking fast and you have a highly developed intellect-no puzzle is a challenge for you. Sometimes you are boring for the people around you with the themes you start, and normally have completely different views of the other people. One of the most important things for you is the stillness and comfort. You want to be alone and not worrying for feelings. Most of the times you tend to stay storm and stable and you very good at hiding your emotions in front of the other people.

  1. You are very independent and born to lead

You rarely ask for help from other people. You are placed high on the society ladder and you are very successful person. The logic is your stronger side and you understand your life as a strategic game. You have self-control and tend to control the strings with your hands. People will say you are cold, but you are calm and stable. You are very good leader!

  1. You are a charmer and adventurer

You have a person with a spirit! You are modern and innovative and always like to make unusual out of the ordinary. You are wild and person who likes adventures. You often shock the people around you because your actions have a hidden purposes. Sometimes you offend the people around you.

  1. You are an optimist and a dreamer

You are quiet and dreamy person. You always look from the bright side of the things even if you are worried for something. You are always cheerful and have time for other people. You are careful and smart person who is shy. You can offend the people around you with your humor.

  1. You are unforgettable and passionate

You are brave and very impressive and attractive to others. You cam deal the difficult tasks in your life very easily. But, your passion is not that good-sometimes you are careless. You leave strong effects around you and like to attract attention on you. You make your decision fast which makes you temperament person.

  1. Reliable and kind

You are very good person who is very grateful and like to take care for other people. People will often say that you are mysterious. You are the person who brings together the warring sides. People like you because you are kind and they often love you as a member of their family.

  1. You are wise and dignified

You are wise and religious person. You are also a proud person. Always tend to be better in everything. You like to read and learn something new every day. You like philosophy. You are a good friend, but always tend to protect your own interests.

  1. Unusual and creative

You are popular and stable person. You are good at evaluating people. Sometimes you tend to be melancholic. You do the things on your own way while the creativity and expression are your stronger sides. You always like to show the people how different you are. People like you because of your charm.

  1. Clean and virtuous

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You are customizable, well mannered and good person. You are doing great with other people. But sometimes you are shy at the beginning. You believe in your qualities and you know how to judge. People often ask for opinion or advice. You are born for special things. You have a great personality!

  1. Charisma and smile

You are a dreamer and fantasist about your own worlds and realities. You have charisma and you are always smiling. You are communicative and other people like you because you are fun person who entertains others.

  1. You are full of energy

You share your positive energy around you. You are always in the center of attention and you know how to deal with it. You like to seduce and to be seduced by others and giving you attention. You don’t like regimes and routines and you also don’t like practical persons who don’t use their heart. You live under the motto “love is all I need”.

  1. The mystery wrapped in an enigma

You are responsible and stable person. You are confident and people appreciate you since they give you serious tasks aware that you will finish them in the right way. The people around you are trusting you, but you are always wrapped in mystery.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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