You are not the only one. There were a lot of surveys about the elimination of the skin tags. The dermatologist Laure Naversen Geraghty, deals with skin tags her whole life, and she claims that the removal of the skin tags are the most common asked questions. They are disgusting, they bother the people, and they don’t look nice at all.
The skin tags are mainly located on the zone of the neck, armpits, thighs, and around or on the eyelids.
If you are one of the many who struggle with skin tags, welcome t the club.
In this article we are going to present you the skin tag removal, and how to do it. You will get rid of the skin tags once for all.
First option is dermatologist’s office.
The skin tags are fibroepithelial polyp which is not dangerous and it cannot be spread. The main consistencies of it are skin and fat. Plus, it is more like genetic thing, if your parents have them, it is very likely that you are going to have them too.
Small skin removal
If the skin tag is very small, the perfect solution is spraying with cold liquid nitrogen, which is toxic-free gas. Spray it a couple of seconds and make a pause, and then do that again. The skin tag will fell off in a couple of days. After this process the area will be reddish and with inflammation. But it’s nothing dangerous.
Large skin tag removal
If the skin tag is very big, or the skin is thicker, then the dermatologists uses injection full of lidocaine, which has effect like anesthesia, and cut the skin tag off with sterile sharp tool.
Another question which is heard very often is whether the insurance covers the sin tag removal?
The doctor answered that in most of the cases the insurance doesn’t pay for skin tag removal, only if the skin tag is very big and bothers the people, that maybe somehow insurance pay for this kind of removal.
The price for one skin tag removal is from beginning of $100 and $500. And the price depends on your salary, insurance, location and many other things.
You should never do this. No one will recommend this to you, because you make do some kind of problem, some inflammation, infection, bacteria etc.
You may take off one part, but leave another one, and the healing process will be slower and more painful. If they visit a doctor, there are certain processes before the elimination of the sink tag.
Internet suggestions for skin tags removal
These kinds of removals are different. They will not harm you but also they will not help you, claims dermatologist Geraghty. Vinegar won’t eliminate the skin tag. But if you want you can try, because the worst thing that you can do is to make your skin reddish.
Furthermore, read the factors which are increasing the opportunity of showing skin tags.
1. Obesity: this disease is spreading very fast. It is the main causer of heart attacks, for most of the deaths, and now for showing skin tags.
2. Pregnancy: Another causer of skin tags. It is because the organism in phase of growing, and a lot of changes are making, so showing skin tags are consequences of that, mostly on the armpits.
3. Diabetes: as a disease which is massively spreading. It makes some changes in the organism, and it is nothing unusual for the diabetics, because they are prone to skin tags.

In order to prevent skin tags you need to avoid rubbing your skin, don’t wear massive necklaces. The other thing is a healthy diet which supposed to be based on low blood sugar level.
If you have something on your skin, but you know that it is not a skin tag, visit your dermatologist.
This is advised by dermatologist because there are conditions like sеbоrrhеic kеrаtоsеs аnd nеurоfibrоmаs.
The first one often appears on the neck, and look like skin tags. Mostly where the high friction is.
The second one are nude color, and people who have them think that this is genetics, and think that they have the condition nеurоfibrоmаtоsis .

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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