Home Remedies for Skin Tags

The skin tags can appear on different areas of the body, so if they appear on the face or neck then they present aesthetics concern more often, but you can remove them by using some natural treatments instead of going under interventions.

They are usually called acrochorda and present outgrowths on our skin that are small and benign. They may appear on our neck, face, chest, eyelids or other places of our body.

Although usually it is recommended to under a cosmetic treatment, there is a way to remove them from your home. Read how:

The baking soda is really useful regarding this matter so you can use it in order to remove a skin tag. You just have to mix a little baking soda and warm water in order to get a paste. Then apply in on the area and massage using circular movements. Do this 2-3 times in the day until they fall off the skin.

Apple cider vinegar

This is especially helpful for treating the spots on the neck. The vinegar includes acetic which is breaking down the excess cells that are forming the tags. You just have to dip a cotton piece in the vinegar and apply it on the place.

You may be feeling something like a stinging sensation but it will pass for several minutes. After 3-5 hours you can wash the place with water. Repeat this 3 times in the day for around 2-3 weeks and they should fade away.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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