A perfect skin, shiny hair, health, luck in love and career: the only things that we want from life! Therefore, every method that promises to make even one of these goals come true, immediately draws our attention!

Hair lamination usig gelatin is a process that involves strengthening the protective film on the hair’s surface. Beyond the process itself, the final look of your hair will be the one to conquer you. The hair will be shinier and stronger, without paying astronomical sums or wasting hours at the hairdresser!

Advantages of hair lamination using gelatin

By lamination, the hair is protected by an outer layer of collagen, extracted from gelatin. If you manage to get over the origin of gelatin (is obtained from bones, cartilage and skin of animals), you’ll discover a true miracle cure.

Your hair will regain health, while brittle and damaged hairs will be repaired from top to bottom by the protective film. This protective film will also make your hair stronger, so it will become more resistant to extreme temperatures, the action of hairdressing equipment, pollution and radiation. Add the fact that your hair will be thicker and shinier, softer and easier to comb, and the color will be protected, and you’ll know why we call this a ”miraculous hair treatment”.

How to laminate your hair at home

The recipe for laminating hair is incredibly easy: you need a teaspoon of gelatin, three teaspoons of boiled water ( let to cool at room temperature), and a teaspoon of mask or hair conditioner (you can also opt for olive oil or coconut oil if you want this treatment to bear the seal “100% natural”).

Boil water and let it cool to room temperature. Mix it well with gelatin in a glass bowl. If you already look distrustful at the mix obtained, considering that you will not even cover a quarter of the hair, you can increase the proportions while retaining the ratio of 1: 3 (ie, three tablespoons of gelatin and of nine water).

Cover the bowl containing your new savior mixture and wash your hair, following the usual care routine, shampoo and conditioner / mask. Grab your hair in a towel and return to your solution for laminating the hair. If the gelatin hasn’t dissolved entirely, you can reheat in bain-Marie, stirring vigorously.

Add the tablespoon of mask or hair conditioner and blend again until the content is smooth. Then apply the mix obtained on the peaks and avoiding the roots, especially if your hair type is oily.

Cover your hair with a hot towel and find yourself a relaxing activity for the next 45 minutes, as laminating hair needs sufficient time to act.

Once the time has elapsed, rinse your hair with shampoo (once or twice, depending on the texture of the fiber). Hair lamination effects are seen only after drying the hair. You will be amazed of the smoothness and brightness of the hair and you’ll quickly turn into an advocate of this phenomenon!

Of course, do not expect immediate results; you’ll need a few sessions to regain the hair well-being. While sticking to this procedure once a week for several months, you will notice the difference.

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Written by Rachel Wilson


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