3 Oils You Have At Home That Can Quickly Thicken And Grow Back Eyebrow Hair

Many women are having problems with their eyebrows – they are sometimes too thick and might resist growing back once plucked.

The eyebrows are similar to the hairs on our head – they are made of keratin and amino acids which keep them strong.

However, if these strings of amino acids are broken, they also cause our hair follicles to break which results in hair loss.

Luckily, we have a few oils that will resolve the problem and regrow your hair.

Castor oil

Castor oil is great for eliminating dandruff. Dandruff affects your hair growth, and may be the reason for your eyebrows not growing back. The oil has numerous health benefits as well – it can treat anything from hair loss to muscle and joint pain. Here’s how to use it to treat eyebrow hair loss:

Clean your eyebrows with warm water, then dip a cotton swab in castor oil and apply it on your eyebrows. Massage it gently with your fingertips for 3 minutes, and leave it to work overnight. Repeat the process every night for 5-6 days and you will be amazed by the results

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great cooking alternative, but can also help you regrow your hair. Several studies have confirmed the oil’s effects, so apply it in the same manner as castor oil and see the incredible results for yourself!

Almond oil

Almond oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants and has many more health benefits than simply regrowing your hair. Almond oil will also soften your skin and help your eyebrows grow as never before. The oil will leave your skin silky and smelling delicious, and can easily be applied on your hair.

Watch the video below to see how to combine all 3 oils and use them to regrow your eyebrows:

Other alternatives

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great hair and skin remedy, and according to studies, it has amazing hair growth properties as well. Try the following homemade Aloe Vera treatment to quickly regrow your eyebrows: clean your face with warm water well, then apply some Aloe Vera gel on your eyebrows and leave it to work for half an hour. Rinse your face with water in the end, and repeat the process every day for 4-6 weeks for best results.

Watch the video below to make your eyebrows thick and rich quickly:

Try a biotin diet

If you’re unsure about applying homemade creams on your face, you should try eating a biotin-rich diet to regrow your eyebrows.

Biotin is a vitamin from the B group that can reinforce and restore your hair. According to Dr. Claudia Aguirre, biotin deficiency is responsible for “Thinning hair, sometimes with shedding and loss of pigment (graying hair). If the deficiency effects your head hair, it’s going to have an effect on your eyebrows too!”

In order to add more biotin in your diet, eat more salmon, eggs, avocados, almonds and leafy green vegetables.

Manual stimulation

A simple massage can indeed make your eyebrows grow faster. Just rub the area gently to improve the blood flow and stimulate hair growth. Make sure your eyebrows are clean before and repeat the process on a daily basis.

You can do the same with a mini eyebrow comb – this has an effect similar to a massage and will stimulate your hairs to grow faster.

What to avoid Applying lotions or creams

Avoid applying thick lotions and creams on your face as they clog the pores and prevent new eyebrow growth. If you must use a thick moisturizer, use supplements which will keep your pores clean and stimulate eyebrow growth. Try using petroleum jelly – it will regrow your eyebrows and make them thicker and fuller than ever, while also keeping them hydrated.

Wearing makeup

Every woman loves wearing makeup, but the truth is that it does more harm than good. Makeup clogs your pores and doesn’t let your skin breathe, which hinders new eyebrow growth. Try not wearing makeup every day, and change the thick layer of makeup for a gentler alternative which will stimulate eyebrow growth.

Dying or bleaching your eyebrows is also out of the question – according to The Journal Of Cosmetic Dermatology, “55.8% of people experienced side effects related to eyebrow bleaching. These side effects included increased or decreased density of the eyebrow hair.”

The natural remedies we showed you today will do wonders for your eyebrows in just 4-6 weeks. Yes, it isn’t exactly fast, but better be safe than sorry, right?

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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