Wondrous Summer Special Glow Serum – Makes Your Skin Glow In Just a Month

This is a notable summer time glow serum in order to rejuvenate your skin and could provide stunning radiant glow in your skin. If you operate it day by day, it will preserve your skin well moisturized and could take away all pigmentation, dark spots, solar tan from your skin.


Amazing Summer Special Glow Serum:


Fresh cucumber juice
Aloe Vera gel
Vitamin E pill – 2
Rose water
Olive oil


In a bowl take 6 spoon cucumber juice.
Add 2 spoon aloe vera gel.
Add oil of 2 nutrition E capsule.
Add 3 spoon rose water.
Add 1 spoon olive oil.
Mix they all very well and your serum is ready.
Store this serum in spray bottle.

How to apply it:

1. Before going to mattress smooth your face, spray this serum on your face, rubdown for two minutes and sleep.
2. Wash your face next morning.

Amazing Result:

If you use this serum every day for 1 month then it makes your face lovely and sparkling.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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