Nice looking breasts is every woman wish especially if they are larger and as well as firmer. As a result of them a large part of women turn to having a plastic surgery which for sure is costly and for most women scary. There is no need for such extreme solutions when Nature has offered us many solutions to firm up and increase the breast size. The wish for nice looking bosom can be fulfilled by the help of certain plants.

These plants will help you to increase your bust in the most natural way. They can stimulate the production of hormones accountable for firmer and larger breasts.

You Can Grow Your Breast With The Following Plants:

Plant 1: Licorice Root

The use of this plant will help you to increase the size of your cups by increasing the rate of estrogen and prolactin which will initiate the growth of bigger breasts.

This is the way how to do it:

Make sure to consume this plant grounded:

1 teaspoon of ground licorice root three times a day before taken meals.

Directions: You should keep the licorice under the tongue for 15 minutes and after that swallow it with water. Your breast will start to be bigger after six months of its consumption.

Tip: In order to stimulate the growth of your breasts it is advised to practice self-massage with massage oil on your breasts on regular basis.

Plant 2: Pueraria mirifica or Kwao Krua

This plant has been used and known for more than 900 years due to its incredible properties. It contains phytoestrogens: the deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol which both stimulate the blood circulation, supporting the accumulation process of water and fat in the breast tissue. It promotes healthier skin tone and it is extremely beneficial in the fight against memory loss and senility.

There are numerous publications regarding the amazing medicinal properties of this plant. More specifically in the fifties of the nineteen century the English botanist, Herbert Kenneth Airy Shaw released an article in the Siam Society journal declaring that this plant is a true “fountain of youth”for both men and women.

The Chulalongkorn University carried out scientific studies to demonstrate its effectiveness. These studies involved two groups of women for a period of 3 to 6 months. In this period the first group took the Pueraria Mirifica daily and the second one placebo. The obtained results for this experiment showed that there was a substantial increase in breast size in the group who took Pueraria Mirifica.

Plant 3: Burdock

This plant is widely used in herbal medicine and it is proven to be high in estrogen. The roots of this plant can be used as a decoction. If it is taken on regular basis, the burdock will increase the blood flow to the breasts thereby increasing the breast size. Burdock is rich in estrogen and it is widely used in herbal medicine.

NOTE: It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women and children.

Plant 4: Fennel

Fennel also raises the estrogen level in women thus stimulating breast growth. This plant can also improve the breastfeeding.

Plant 5: Fenugreek

Fenugreek is well-known for its remarkable advantages, however not many are familiar with the fact that it can assist in the growth of breasts. The fenugreek seeds contain phytoestrogens, hormones that promote the growth of the mammary gland. For that purpose, you need to place some seeds in a bowl with a few tablespoons of olive oil and leave it to stay during the night. The oil that you will get, use it for breast massage. Fenugreek oil is also available in any drugstore.

For optimal results you need to rub the breasts once a day for 10 days. In this way you will manage to better the contour of your breasts. You can repeat this procedure every three months.

Plant 6: Anise

Anise is a spice mainly used for culinary purposes, but aside this well-known use it can be also used for breast enlargement. The anise seeds are high in phytoestrogens, and if they are consumed on regular basis the volume of the breasts can be easily increased.

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Written by Rachel Wilson


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