Every Girl Should Know These Hair Hacks!!!

In case you want bangs which look nice, put together and with full looking, you only need to tease the bangs only in the root and apply hairspray. After you finish doing this, pass slightly with the hair brushes to make them equal.

If you want a fish braiding, here you are a trick.
Gather the hair in ponytail first, then start braiding. This is the trick which will keep the braid together, and it will last longer as a hairstyle.

You can use command hooks on the side of the toilet so you can keep your curling iron, straightener for hair etc.

If you have oily hair, and you don’t have time to wash it here is one trick.
You can use a baby powder on the scarp and massage it. The powder will take the oil; and the hair will look clean.

Next hack is for static hair.
For solving the problem with static hair, you just need to apply a dryer sheet on your brush and after that you can start to use it. Now you will never have problem with this.

If you are using bobby pins, and they are removing from your hair, you will lose them. So, the only thing that you need to do is to apply a hairspray.

If you want curls you can apply a mixture of sea salt and water, on your hair. Let it dry and you will see your hair.

In case you want some fancy hairstyle, follow these steps:
Take the iron for hair and turn it on. You can create loose hair waves and you will look perfect.
Other way is to make a brain and with the iron pass over the braid. The curls are great.
Add a hairspray in order to keep them longer time.

In case you want to have wavy curls.

These curls are better for medium or long hair. So they don’t fit to those who have short hair. As hairstyle, they are very practical because, you can wear them on any kind of occasion. No matter if you are getting ready for work, or you are going on a wedding, having some business meeting etc. They are very easy to be done.

Take your iron and make regular curls. Take a brush and brush your hair so the curls will straight a little bit. So, they need to look like you have beach waves, At the end, fix them with a little bit of hairspray. But, not too much, because they need to look very loose, like you haven’t bothered a lot making your hair.

They are the messiest hair in the whole world, but still look so elegant.

Furthermore, another thing that all the girls should know are the brushes.

They need to know which brush for what purpose is used. There are many types of brushes, one for only brushing, other for everything, third for curling and etc.

In addition, we will provide you a picture, so you will be able to see many others brushes, and you will educate yourself on the topic beauty.

These are all the brushes that you will need to have them at home. Once you are capable of doing your hair with these brushes, sister, you are genius.

Dry ends 

In case you struggle with dry ends, you can apply a little bit of cream. Just a little bit of hand cream can solve the problem of dry ends. This will make your hair look healthier. But, you will need to watch out, because if you add a little too much, you will make your hair look and be oily. No one wants that effect.

Be careful.

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Written by Rachel Wilson

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