There is probably not a single house which does not have Vaseline in it. There is at least one little jar of it in your bathroom cabinet if not in your makeup kit. But what do you use it for? Well, mostly as a lip balm, right? Well, it is high time you learn about all the other abilities it has. Trust us, you will be greatly surprised with it can be helpful with.

It is strange enough, how something as simple to get as Vaseline can substitute so many other, more expensive, things. To be more precise, there are at least 17 times you can use Vaseline instead of something else. Are you willing to get to know what they are?

#1 Lip scrub

Not only a lip balm but also a lip scrub. Just mix it with a little of sugar and put it on your lips for a few minutes. That is it! Enjoy the gentle softness of your exfoliated lips!

#2 Cracked heels

There is nothing nice about cracked heels, especially if they hurt too. So, just rub some of Vaseline over the affected areas and let it absorb overnight, do not forget to put a pair of clean socks on.

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#3 Cuticle

In case your cuticle is dry, apply some of Vaseline over your nail beds and let it absorb overnight. Moisturized cuticles are healthy and nice-looking cuticles, and you should take proper care of them as well.

#4 Chafing

To prevent chafing just apply a bit of Vaseline over areas that are prone to it.

#5 Highlighter

Just a bit of Vaseline can be added as a nice glowy touch to your everyday makeup.

#6 Elbows

In case you are suffering from that unpleasant feeling a cracked elbow causes, all you need to do is to apply some Vaseline over it. It will soften it and will take away the pain.

#7 Earrings insertion

Sometimes it may be pretty difficult to insert an earring due to one reason or the other. That is when Vaseline comes in handy too, all you need to do is to rub it into your earlobe and succeed with the insertion.

#8 Hair defrizzer

Vaseline can help you derfizz your hair, but you should not apply too much of it over your hair, so it does not turn out to be just greasy.

#9 Stuck drawers

If you want to keep your drawers away from being stuck, just apply some Vaseline over to prevent that.

#10 False eyelashes

It is the best and the safest way to remove false lashes by using Vaseline.

#11 Bright lipstick

How often do you get your teeth stained by a lipstick? Do you want that to end right now? Applying Vaseline over your teeth will help you forget about lipstick sticking to your teeth forever.

#12 Eyebrows

Time to tame all the rogue eyebrow hair!

#13 Stuck zipper

A little bit of Vaseline will unstick any stuck zipper.

#14 Fire

The easiest way to start a fire is to start it with a cotton ball soaked with Vaseline.

#15 Nail polish

The same as with stuck drawers, being unable to open that nail polish bottle may be annoying as hell. All you need to do is to rub some Vaseline around the neck of that nail polish bottle.

#16 Long-lasting scent

Before using your favorite perfume apply some Vaseline over the areas you are going to use perfume on. It will last the whole day long.

#17 Makeup remover

No need for expensive makeup removers if there is Vaseline. But never forget to rinse your face afterwards.

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Written by Rachel Wilson