Pear, apple, banana, these fruit descriptions of a certain body shape can be really confusing and many people do not even know what is their body shape. Therefore in order to remove any confusion, we bring you a simple guide that will help you identify four basic body shapes.

Do you want to finally find out what is your body shape and thereby stop buying clothes that simply do not fit you? If so then we will show you how. For this trick you will only need a tape measure, pen and paper.

First, you need to measure the circumference of your shoulder, chest, waist and hips, and then all you have to do is find their form in the list of these four basic body shapes.

Shoulders: Measure the circumference of your shoulders. Have someone help you in this, because you will not be able to hold the meter.

Chest: using the meter first you need to grasp your back, and then your chest. However you need to make sure that while measuring you do not squeeze your chest. Also you need to remember to measure your chest where they are largest.

Waist: Measure your waist at its smallest part, which is just above the navel.

Hips: Start measuring one of your hips, exactly at the place where the hip joint is located and then grasp the meter backside.

1. Rectangle shape: namely for having this body shape the measures of your shoulder, chest, waist and hips would have to be pretty much equal.

2. Inverse triangle shape: your shoulders and chest are larger than your hips.

3. Triangle shape: in this case your hips are larger than your chest and shoulders.

4. Hourglass shape: in this case your shoulders and hips are even, and in the same time your waist is significantly smaller.